How journalists should use Twitter

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Today the Columbia Journalism Review has posed the question, How should journalists use Twitter? The question comes out of yet another emergency of global significance where the news spread rapidly on Twitter – this time the Mumbai terror attacks

Go to CJR to read their brief introduction to what is more of a newsroom discussion being conducted in the comments. There are some good points made.

This is my initial reaction…
Online news has been in various places (including the recent MEAA Future of Journalism report) described as more “event-driven”, with a lack of analysis that has formerly balanced out the print edition. I disagree that all news has been balanced in that way. Read more

Digital journalism – attempt first, succeed later

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Digital media isn’t about a perfect product straight out of the box, it’s about taking the first step and just having a crack.

You’ve got NO EXCUSE
via News Videographer

I’m extremely impressed with these high school student journalists and the site. If they can do this, you really have NO EXCUSE.

Just have a go. Try your hand, you never know the amazing stories you can tell in new ways. You only learn through experience.

As part of that, there must be a culture within newsrooms that allows the freedom to fail in respect to digital media. You only fix mistakes by making them, and if people are going to learn the new skills they’re going to have to not be afraid to make mistakes.

Encourage your newsroom to change.

The most basic things to encourage self-learning in are video and audio recording. Don’t even worry about editing skills if people have zero experience or are discouraged. Just teach them to hit record. Give the result to someone else to edit/craft, and then give feedback.