Journalism in Iraq

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From the Committee to Protect Journalists, 2006 was the deadliest year for the press in a single country:

In most cases, such as the killing of Atwar Bahjat, one of the best-known television reporters in the Arab world, insurgents specifically targeted journalists to be murdered

Bombs in Bali?

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I put a question mark there because, as AP (via CNN) is reporting, the police spokesman says they just don’t know. That said, simultaneous explosions in tourist resort areas would be a strong indicator of planned bombs. Terrorist attacks.

  • LOCATION: Bali, Indonesia
    • Jimbaran Beach – at least three explosions, one reportedly close the Four Seasons cheap viagra without rx Hotel
    • Kuta – 18km from Jimbaran, one explosion reported in shopping centre.
  • WHAT:
    • Reports 2 dead, many more injured at this point.
    • Rajas restaurant in Kuta was filled with diners, both storeys badly damaged

This is just going to get bigger, and I won’t be able to keep up with it. Hope it’s not so bad… over and out.

Bali explosions

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None of the TV news has shown anything yet, but reported 10 minutes ago about simultaneous explosions in Bali.

UPDATE: CNN link updated with comment by Indonesian police spokesman. BBC also with brief story although both are taken from AP

UPDATE: BBC’s behind the game. CNN has already updated this AP story four times in the last 20 minutes, including quotes from police and witnesses.

UPDATE: Well, BBC has added a map and not much else, except a form at the bottom asking for ‘citizen journalists’ (my words, not theirs) to submit, well, let me quote:

Did you witness the explosions? Send us your eywitness accounts. If you have images please send them to

CNN, meanwhile, is running with it.