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If you’re a journalism or communications student, blog and understand the importance of being web-literate if you want to get a job in the new media landscape.

From Shawn Smith at New Media Bytes – to journalism students, and by association journalists:

But the bottom line is this: If you’re a journalism student (or anyone looking to succeed in mass comm), you need a blog. You need to learn how to cover a beat and write for a niche. You need to learn how to write for an audience and tap them for information. You need to be able to understand the web, or at least show a willingness to learn.

You’ve shown some initiative and taught yourself a few skills.

Why is ‘blog’ still a four-letter word? | New Media Bytes | Online journalism, web production and promotion

Video Portfolio – ABC TV

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These two videos were done during a two-week internship at ABC TV. Unlike The Courier Mail videos the work here was much more like that of a regular television journalist, simply reporting while the technical aspects of shooting and editing are handled by a camera person and editor.

Title: Innes Follow
Duration: (1:38)
Contribution: Wrote and read script, picked out grab selection and included piece-to-camera

After the disappearance of a Brisbane schoolgirl in Sydney, I went with a camera person and journalist to cover the story locally. At the time of the report ABC was still not naming the girl, and so in this report she is also not named. A piece-to-camera was included for the purposes of a portfolio.

Title: Lions Captains
Duration: (1:30)
Contribution: Wrote and read script, picked out grab selection.

During my time at ABC TV I accompanied the sports reporter on several stories, as well as being the sole reporter on a few occasions. This press conference covered the announcement of five co-captains for the Brisbane Lions AFL team.

Video Portfolio – Courier Mail

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I just rediscovered some of my video portfolio has already been posted at Photobucket.

Here are just a few of the videos I did during my internship at at The Courier-Mail. Apart from these videos I have used Adobe Premier Pro regularly, and Avid occasionally, to edit and produce many studio shoots and several news videos.

Title: Chinese New Year
Duration: (0:58)
Contribution: Camera, editing, production, web posting

Using a small handheld DV camera without external microphone or headphone jacks, I went out on my own to shoot video of Chinese New Year celebrations in the Chinatown mall in Brisbane. This was on a Saturday at the end of my first week of internship. On the same day I edited the video footage using Adobe Premier Pro for the first time, uploaded the final product to the media server and posted to the Roo player video portal.

Title: Lockhart River Art Gang – Our Way
Duration: (0:58)
Contribution: Camera, editing, production, web posting.

Without a tripod available to take with us, I had to shoot this entire video freehand. It is the launching of the Our Way exhibition at the University of Queensland and includes interviews with some of the featured artists.

Title: Logan Truck Fire
Duration: (0:27)
Contribution: Wrote and read voice-over script.

During my first week of internship I accompanied a video journalist, print journalist and photographer from The Courier Mail to a truck fire. On the way back to the office I wrote a voice-over script that was then used

Title: KIA Cars
Duration: (2:20)
Contribution: Editing, production, web posting

The Courier Mail’s motoring editor had returned from a motor show in Germany with still images and video taken on a consumer point-and-shoot digital camera. I edited and produced a video from that provided content. This was only the second time I had used Adobe Premier Pro, and through playing with the program discovered a few simple effects to try and make the still images a little more entertaining.


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This collection of links is just a few things I’ve read recently about Facebook

Apparently MySpace is no longer cool.

Facebook has grown by 273% in Australia in the last four months alone, mainly thanks to university students.

But it’s also been “invaded by tons and tons of old people“.

MySpace and Facebook popularity is counted by the number of ‘friends’ you have.  But really, how many of them are friends (best link), or is ‘friend’ just being redefined?


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It’s over. The last several years of student life are over, confirmed by results posted at midnight.

As my CV (PDF file) now reads:

David Earley BJ/BA

David Earley. Plus letters! Ah, July 4, Independence Day. Like Bill Pullman’s heartfelt Independence Day speech – today is MY… Independence Day!

Hand on heart. Star-Spangled Banner sung. All that.

The end is nigh

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In five days I will get results back on my final semester at university.

As long as everything has gone according to plan I will be Dave Earley, plus letters!


Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Journalism.

My smiling face will be knocking on your doors soon.

Style, Content and Comprehension

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Earlier this morning I mentioned to a friend this academic report from October last year about the quality of news content found in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

And today LostRemote mentions a Pew Research study showing: ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert’ viewers most informed about news – Lost Remote TV Blog

Read the entire report’s summary of findings, if you have some time.


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Social networking is all the rage at the moment.

I’ve signed up to a few popular sites to see how useful they are – and because I’m a complete nerd. I did hold off for a quite a while on signing up to some of these, but I now feel it’s almost a responsibility to be involved and try to understand them more.

I honestly haven’t put much effort into expanding my social networks across these sites yet, and hadn’t visited some for several months before writing this post.

I’m on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster… probably something else, but I can’t remember at the moment.

You can read about Twitter in this article in The Australian yesterday, where it’s suggested Twitter may not be a complete waste of time.

“There are people who talk about their frivolous daily activities,” Owyang says.

“I remove them. For me it’s more of a business communication tool than a frivolous personal introspection tool.”

LinkedIn has been described as invaluable for professional and career networking. The following is a profile link promotion button. It will probably be part of a future redesign of

View Dave Earley's profile on LinkedIn

And Twitter has been described as inane, which of course it can be, as can blogs. But there are useful ones out there too. The badge below may be incorporated into that redesign I mentioned.

follow earleyedition at

VJ links

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This is an email I recently sent to my internship coordinator at UQ’s School of Journalism and Communication, after he asked me if I had any VJ sites I could recommend. I spent some time looking for a few links for him and thought they might also be useful to others.

To: Journalist-in-residence, UQ School of Journalism and Communication
From: Dave Earley

I haven’t kept up with video journalism (VJ) sites much, mainly because it usually requires high-speed internet when videos are involved, and I’m on free student dialup! I haven’t really found any VJ ‘forums’ either.

By the way, an example of a good university news site is Virginia Tech’s Collegiate Times.

Hope the following is helpful, and not link overload.

The only site I could recommend off the top of my head is Michael Rosenblum – but other than discuss theory, he doesn’t go into a lot of technicalities on his blog about how to do VJ. So I’ve put him in ‘interesting reading’ links. He runs training worldwide in VJ (including for the BBC), but perhaps the best start would be this page:
It looks like it has some good links that could be helpful

After a bit of searching, you might also find these useful. I haven’t had time to look into them in-depth (as I said, dialup is not conducive to fast content viewing online):
The CurrentTV guide is fairly basic, but provides some good information – I’ve looked at it before. Actually if you follow that link, at the bottom of the section there is a ‘Learn More’ button where you’ll find more links.

Interesting reading:

Lack thereof

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A couple of things.

Posting has been sporadic lately thanks to the time commitment of a two-week internship with ABC TV.

I do have things to blog, mainly pointing to interesting online media stories of late.

The other thing is related to that. This blog has become more and more a collection of links to online media stories and information, and occasionally my thoughts thereon.

I’m fairly comfortable with this, as it seems to be in keeping with my increasing interest in the converging world of online journalism, where newspapers and television are increasingly competing in the same video market.

Intern again

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I’m at ABC TV interning for the next two weeks, which is going well so far. I appeared scowling in the background of the 7pm news last night as Peter Beattie talked about a new water pipeline.

Last week on Friday I put together a video clip for the Courier Mail online, that can be viewed if you follow this link. It’s fairly low on informative content, but I spent a lot of time working with the transitions and timing for the music… It was fun playing with editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro) for only the second time.

Vale EU

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In my lecture on European Political Issues, the lecturer put up this image by Turkish artist Burak Delier, and then asked 12 people to describe the image using no more than three words.

After the first volunteer had to have it pointed out that “racist, terrorism, Muslim” was probably not the vibe the Turkish artist was going for, we were subjected to a bit of long-windedness. Terms like disestablishmentarianism, and supercalafraj – okay, they weren’t thrown about, but everyone was trying for those big, impressive words.

My favourite was ‘bandaid assimilation’. My favourite that is, apart from my own bit of three word self-congratulation.

Where the veil?

Unfortunately, I knew both the levels would be lost and my brilliance not recognised simply by saying the words, but neither could I write it out for people. Not surprisingly, “Where, that’s W-H, where the veil. Question mark”, also lost them.


Driving video

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I found the link to the weekend motoring section’s racetrack video I talked about last week.

There’s not as much loud engine noise and vision of racing around the track as I would have liked, but you get to see a bit of it. Vision of the full fast lap, with all the sounds that go with that, would have been a pleasurable end to the video.

If you want that fix, check out C’était un Rendezvous, a 1976 film by Claude Lelouch where he fitted a camera to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB and had a friend, a professional Formula 1 racer, drive it through the streets of Paris at speeds of up to 200 km/h.

The following YouTube video may not work if it’s been taken down since I posted this. If it’s not available, follow the links below.

Relevant links through which you can also find better resolution versions (like the 32mb one I have on my hard drive):

Jerry Kindall: C’était un Rendezvous
2005 Metafilter post where I first saw the video.
Wikipedia: C’était un Rendezvous

Internship week

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I’ve just finished a week of interning with The Courier Mail’s online team.

It’s been great seeing what’s happening currently with online, as well as hearing straight from the editor’s mouth what’s planned for the future.

I’ve learned a fair bit this week, and the following are links to things I’ve either ‘published’ to the website, been able to get my name on, or actually done myself.

I spent most of the day learning about the system used for getting content online.

On my second day I was sent out to the international airport for an interview (direct mp3 link) with Bronco’s coach Wayne Bennett as the team left for England and the World Club Challenge. I recorded the interview on an iPaq PDA, and then emailed it back to the office using the bluetooth connection to the mobile phone I had with me. Once it was done sending, the online editor was able to take it straight from his email. Before I was back from the airport, he was editing it on his computer and getting it online – all before the team’s plane left the ground.

I was able to use what I’d learned on Monday, and put a story about Matt Damon online. Keep in mind I didn’t actually write this story, just got it on the website.

Another growing aspect of the online newsroom is video content. I went out on one story, and got an opportunity to do a voiceover for the 20-second video. That got my name on the end, and something for the portfolio!

Another fun thing was going out to help with some video on Friday. For a story to appear in this coming weekend’s motoring section, we went out to an old racetrack. The motor writer is currently test-driving a $300,000 Mercedes. The CLS 63 AGM. You know, not bad. It won’t be up till this Saturday, but you’ll get to see some video of the car screaming around the track. I won’t get my name on that one, but I’m not complaining!

In making a show of commitment to the cause I went in on Saturday to do some more video shooting on my own. After a quick lesson in editing with Adobe Premier and uploading to the online media player on Friday, I was flying solo (mostly) on Saturday. I went into Chinatown to film some of the Chinese New Year celebrations and then got back to the office to edit and upload the final product. Since I did it on my own I got my name on the end, but it could have been a better job. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to get better with experience.

That was my week. The ABC Online internship was uncertain, so the plan is to continue going to The Courier Mail for one day per week throughout the semester. It’s a good time to be there and a part of it, so it’s worked out well.


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I’m doing an internship next week with the Courier Mail’s online section. After the ABC had to move premises due to the unusually high number of women contracting cancer at their Toowong newsroom, they aren’t taking interns until after about April. Hopefully I’ll get a placement with them sometime in the second half of the semester.

I also failed to mention that I now have a shiny MEAA membership card stating I am a JOURNALIST until the middle of the year, when I will be expected to get a job and pay some dues.

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