In a continuing push to break new ground in digital media, ABC (Australia) has released ABC Now, a desktop media player for select ABC digital content.

The potential of this application is huge. When I read the description of what it would do, I couldn’t wait to try it. Unfortunately the interface isn’t entirely user-friendly at the moment, but it’s in beta, so expect something great to come.

For what is obviously planned for this media player the ABC is again demonstrating why Australians go to them for original online audio and video content – because they try to make it easily accessible.

Often they succeed in the attempt, and that’s why their podcasts and vodcasts have enjoyed such popularity. ABC digital content has succeeded because it is available. If there’s not much to choose from, people move on. The ABC’s integration online of text, audio and video content is impressive, to say the least.

If you haven’t seen it, check out an example of their in-page video player on this story.

Online Video overdose

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The most basic and free video editing software (as in, you don’t have to go download/install it because it’s already on your computer) is usually okay for basic video users.

For Windows users there’s Windows Movie Maker, while I’ve found iMovie for the Mac is an ample resource for those quick edits and exports.

If you don’t have any video software that you can use on your hard drive, or are up for a little experimentation, there are a lot of online editing solutions.  I would recommend not trying them on dialup (as I have to at home).

Mashable has put together a very comprehensive resource.

Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources

There’s more information there than anyone can reasonably be expected to digest, and the following are just the categories under which they list resources:

  • Live Video Communications
  • Online Video How-to
  • Online Video Editors
  • Online Video Converters
  • Video sharing
  • Video hosting
  • Video organization and management
  • Vidcasts & vlogging
  • Video mashups
  • Mobile video apps
  • Video search
  • Online video downloading services
  • Miscellaneous tools
  • Online TV

They also have other posts in the series, with the Online Photography Toolbox, Blogging Toolbox, and Online Productivity Toolbox.


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This is my birthday present from my beautiful wife, Kate. It’s a copy of the Tiger operating system for Mac 10.4.6 – mentioned earlier here. For a while I’ve been looking forward to getting it, not so much for the features the operating system provides, but for the programs (free) that won’t run on the previous operating system. I already have a bunch of applications in a special “10.4+” folder patiently waiting for good use – or simply for playing – with Tiger.

But it’s still wrapped in plastic, and I have vowed not to take it out until I have completed all my assignments… I look forward to using it one day.

It’s Superapple!

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What’s that?!
Apple Patent design possibilities
Up there, in the sky!
Apple patent application possibilities

It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!
It’s an iPod!!
Or a phone!
It’s a… PDA?
Maybe an MP3 player?

Is it a camera…!?

I don’t get it.

Sorry, what is it?



MacNN has posted some of the contents of a patent filed by Apple for a “Multi-functional hand-held device”, which isn’t giving a whole lot away. It could be any one, or combination, of those things above. Impressive if they did actually manage to fit all of those features into something smaller than a brick.


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The Mac OSX operating system’s versions have each been named after a member of the feline family. I’m running 10.3.9, which is Panther. While the current version I crave is 10.4+, Tiger, the unreleased version 10.5, Leopard (sneak peek), is set to be released in Spring 2007.

I also crave 1.2gB of memory, but that’s another story.

Leopard Tracker
Apple lifts lid of OS X Leopard
Apple rolls Xeon-based Mac, tips next OS


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Back from holiday. Just quickly throwing these things out there because I need some help

  1. Skype – I’m trying to configure Skype to record straight into Garageband (or other similar/better audio recording software for the purpose of online voice interviews. I’ve seen some stuff but am yet to get it to work. Specifically, I can’t find a step-by-step guide I saw a few months ago that dealt with Skype to Garageband specifically.
  2. Does anyone know how to make an iPod function as a storage device that will work in both Macs and Windows-based computers? I thought I had enabled it on my mac, but when I went and tried to use it on PCs at university it wasn’t recognised, and asked if I wanted to format my external storage device in FAT32 format or something. I didn’t because I didn’t know whether or not that would end up being a bad thing for the iPod as a whole, and didn’t want to lose the files I HAD transferred onto it.
  3. Quick links. Because I hardly have time to read these, but I really want to, maybe after putting these links here I can shut all the tabs and unclutter my desktop. These are all the websites I have open in tabs at the moment, with plans to read in full. Some are read and awaiting posting here, but this will have to do.

Alright, there’s a big storm rumbling through, and I’ve been trying to rush this post so I can unplug everything. Take care, see you soon. Oh yes, and help with 1. and 2. above would be appreciated.

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