I just realised, I don’t think I’ve ever put up a link to my YouTube page.

The majority of it is family-related, unedited footage of kids and stuff.

I haven’t even uploaded my video portfolio material there yet, which will definitely have to be rectified soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the link and I’ll post again when my portfolio is there.

French Maid

Oh settle down people, it’s not a french maid! It’s me, doing some housework.

Yes, I do housework since I’m home most of the day with naught to do. Although given the state of things as they were when this video was taken in December you wouldn’t know it.

The sound and picture quality aren’t great on my six-year-old camera, but it does the job.

A Week in Paradise

It hasn’t really been Paradise this week, but neither has it been an Inferno.

In fact, it’s been much cooler than an inferno, with our air conditioner finally getting installed! The guy came on Monday, I helped him install it and had cool comfort that night. He came back Tuesday to ‘finish’ the job, but he’s not happy with how it looks. I couldn’t care less, it’s there and it’s working, that’s all I need.

Unfortunately he wants us to pay him. Our lease said the owner would purchase an air conditioner, and we would install it. To us that meant getting my brother-in-law and a friend of his who have installed several air conditioners to do it for free. When the owner’s tradesman/cousin said he would install it I thought that meant, ‘as part of my service to you since it’s almost a quarter of the way through the lease that this air conditioner was supposed to be a part of’.

But no, once we were done, with my help the entire time both days he was here, he’s asking for payment. When I told him we would have otherwise done it ourselves at no cost, he said he’d get back to me, billing some to the owner and some to us “given the rent situation”. Cool.

I started rugby training last Monday night at Norths in Brisbane. I had to eat late since we didn’t finish with the air conditioner until almost 5.30, and so my four years without fitness work paid dividends come sprints at 7.30. That is, my body rejected in protest the small amount of food I had eaten earlier. Wednesday night was a much more relaxed affair, with only some lineout and scrummaging work before a relatively easy 3km run to finish the night. Returning again Thursday night, training wasn’t as bad, but I had to pull over for 15 minutes on the way home because I thought I was about to throw up out the window while I was driving.

So while last week may have been the lower reaches of purgatory, I had expected this week to be a further descent. I’m working Tuesday and Thursday nights from 9pm to 5am, with Thursday’s shift following rugby training. Unfortunately, since training on Monday and Wednesday has been cancelled, Thursday is likely to be brutal.

And why has training been cancelled? Because the club makes more money from the touch football competition than it does from the rugby team. So the rugby team vacates the playing field. A strange scenario if you’re looking to field a well-trained team when the season actually starts.

At least this week is not as was expected: go straight to work till midnight from Monday’s training. Work 9-5am Tuesday night. Go straight to work till midnight from Wednesday’s training. Go straight to work till 5am from Thursday’s training.

It’s yet to be seen how we’ll cope.


Blogging has been particular slack to start off the New Year, but that’s because I’ve been keeping myself extremely busy – and away from the computer.

That’s not entirely true, I’ve been on the computer, only without internet access at home. The free student dial-up allocation of 150mb never lasts through the month, but I managed to blow it out of the water in a record-breaking three days this time.

Now I almost feel like I’m caught up on everything I need to do! I’ve enrolled in what should be the last five classes of my university life, which I’ll show at the bottom of the post.

I’ve organised our unit so efficiently that everything – except one rogue filing box – has an allocated spot. It’s a whole new world without obstacles, where every room in the house can be traversed effortlessly. Not a hop, skip or a jump to be seen. I was going to say it was an unnatural environment and that I was out of my comfort zone, but I think it may only be the latter of those statements that is false. It is unnatural, but something I’ve found myself disturbingly comfortable with. The organisation may have whet the appetite of an obsessive compulsive personality lurking within.

As part of that cleanup I borrowed my parent’s vacuum cleaner, the merits of which have been discussed before. My brother managed to break it before moving south at Christmas, but a new belt only set me back $9 and a few minutes to fit it. On returning the vacuum cleaner I also managed to fix my parent’s in-sinkerator with the very technical know-how that is the ‘reset’ button. Need a handyman to do those ridiculously simple jobs around the house? I’m your guy.

We signed a new lease in November last year (previously discussed in detail), the terms of which included getting an air-conditioner and replacing the carpet with an as-yet-undecided alternative. Today, only two months later and after much nagging of the real estate agent, the property owner’s cousin came by to measure for the flooring and the air conditioner. I buttered him up with some plunger coffee and a bit of conversation, and we might even have some AC by next week. Bonus!

Next week I’ll start going to rugby training for the first time in almost four years. I haven’t played rugby because I’ve continually decided against committing myself to training twice a week, but I can’t resist any longer. My body is tired after one night back on night-fill at Coles, so it will be interesting to see how I cope with fitness work, but I’m looking forward to getting back into it. It’s probably a result of my complaining for the last three years that I’d rather be playing rugby, but my wife’s Christmas present to me was Queensland Red’s membership for the both of us this year. With their first game in just three weeks, we’ll be there for all the action. Without the injured Chris Latham they’ll have an even harder time winning than they have in the recent past

That looks like a fairly comprehensive run down of what’s been going on, so that just leaves my list of classes for this year.