President ’08 – Decided

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The poll for President of the United States, 2008, has closed. I was one of the four who had already voted, but the ballot needed to be decided, so I cast a second deciding vote. It wasn’t the same as my first vote, but if exit polls at the earley edition are anything to go by, and I assure you they are, Oprah Winfrey will lead the United States forward after the 2008 elections!

Here are the final results


Presidential Elections ’08

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Voting is still open for President of the United States, 2008 (see the sidebar). Currently four votes have been counted, one each going to Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, John Edwards and Oprah Winfrey. It’s starting to look like a Democratic candidate runoff, but they’ve all demanded a recount.

Cast your vote today! Polling closes Sunday night.

Things aren’t Kewell

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This is an old link I saved to my drafts, and just thought I’d put it out there. Despite his chronic injuries, and the news that he could be out of action for at least another four months, not many people are willing to suggest that Harry Kewell’s value is dropping.

Based on this story, I would be surprised if Kewell plays for Liverpool again. They would have to really want to keep him since he’s been out for so long. I predict a move, maybe even in the next tansfer window.

Don’t forget to vote for the next US President, either in the post below, or in the sidebar on the right!


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It’s that time again, and while I only recently returned a vote to the US for some county school board decision, yesterday I sent off my sheet for the November 7 elections. Actually, Iowa isn’t being contested for the senate, but they packed the ballot card with other votes.

I voted for: US Representative District 4, Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Auditor of State, Treasurer of State, Secretary of Agriculture, Attorney General, State Representative District 7, County Treasurer, County Recorder, County Attorney, County Public Hospital Trustees, Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioner, County Agricultural Extension Council, Court of Appeals Judges, District Court Judge and District Associate Judge. They also tried to get that sneaky school funding proposal through again with different wording.

I actually don’t know anything about that school funding proposal, just as I don’t know anything about the people running for the positions mentioned above, but I voted against it anyway.

As always, I hope my vote gets there in time for November 7! There was a short story recently in the International Herald Tribune about the difficulties overseas voters face.

And while we’re at it, why not produce a quick poll here? It has nothing to do with the current elections, which are senate elections, but if you could, who would you vote for as President of the United States in the 2008 elections? If you’re interested, you can find some more information about a few of these people (the real potentials) by following the link above to the potential candidates for 2008.




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We’ve just received notice from our property manager that our rent will be increasing by $20 per week once our lease runs out on November 17. What to do, what to do?

The rental agency wants us to advise them of our intentions by October 20th – one week from now – even though we don’t have to give notice of moving out until two weeks before the lease is up.

Moving is definitely an option, and luckily with my final exams on November 8, 14 and 15, I at least wouldn’t have to worry about the lengthy process of resettling while I still had an exam pending. Downside is that we would have to have found a place before the 17th, which is a long process and right during exams.

UPDATE:I’m breaking my self-imposed gag order for two things. First, this bit of news which will be of interest mainly to my family about our living situation, first written last Thursday. The update, and hence post, is that we’re looking at a 2-bedroom unit tonight that is about 5 minutes from where we are now. The second thing is the polls in the post below. I closed both polls after overwhelming respondents – okay, two of the three votes – detested the flash puzzle. Consequently the puzzle has also been removed so it doesn’t keep loading each time someone comes to the page. That is all – still working on assignments.

Polls closed

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Yes, the polls have closed and these are the results. The people have spoken.

[poll=2] [poll=3]


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It’s Wednesday. Two long days of upward toil have brought us to the top of the hill but we’re cresting the hump, and the weekend is in sight! It’s downhill cruising from here, another two short days remain until sweet, sweet Saturday morning. Ah, humpday, the week’s not only half done, but the pay comes in too!

So I hereby institute the Humpday Hieroglyph! Take some time out, and enjoy!

The puzzle has been deleted. Rejoice.

Here’s a poll to see what you think of the name ‘Humpday Hieroglyph’, chosen for its high probability of change. Any suggestions not covered in the poll can go in comments, and obviously the day of the week is flexible.


Well before use

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If you were a lawyer, how successfully do you think you could you argue that the instruction to shake a can “well before use” was ambiguous, and in need of clearer definition?

Is it “Shake well before use”


“Shake well before use” ?

Could you argue the latter on behalf of a client for whom unfortunate consequences had resulted from not shaking immediately before use?

You be the judge.

No, I’m the judge. You be the lawyer.


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Apart from the US senator who is afraid of the internet, the following references to online activity don’t make sense to me. And yes, I’ve seen and/or heard them.

  1. internets – how many was that?
  2. interweb – I guess it makes as much sense as intraweb, but I don’t like it. Having said that, it reminds me of:
  3. WWW page – it’s just a webpage now, brother.

Equally, when someone is giving a web address, things can get weird:

them: Alright, you ready? It’s H-T-T-P-colon-forward slash… are you okay?

me: What? Oh, yes, I’m just weeping for humanity. Please, continue.

All of that gibberish, and the idea for this post, came while writing my assignment for Mass Media in MS-Word. Microsoft says the correct spelling is capital “I”, Internet, as does the World Book Dictionary. To me, that’s on a par with the above-mentioned instances of unfamiliarity. What say you, dear reader?

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