Vale EU

In my lecture on European Political Issues, the lecturer put up this image by Turkish artist Burak Delier, and then asked 12 people to describe the image using no more than three words.

After the first volunteer had to have it pointed out that “racist, terrorism, Muslim” was probably not the vibe the Turkish artist was going for, we were subjected to a bit of long-windedness. Terms like disestablishmentarianism, and supercalafraj – okay, they weren’t thrown about, but everyone was trying for those big, impressive words.

My favourite was ‘bandaid assimilation’. My favourite that is, apart from my own bit of three word self-congratulation.

Where the veil?

Unfortunately, I knew both the levels would be lost and my brilliance not recognised simply by saying the words, but neither could I write it out for people. Not surprisingly, “Where, that’s W-H, where the veil. Question mark”, also lost them.


Comment Poetry

I had not received any spam comments on this blog until December 20th. Since then? About 25 a day, but a healthy 277 spam comments came in on December 27th.

Where are they all, you ask? Well, thankfully WordPress has an option for automatic comment moderation based on the number of links. More than two links in the comment? It won’t appear unless I approve it.

I thought I would post here for your reading pleasure the three most recent spam comments. They all start out generally making sense, but then the drugs kick in.

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The strange thing is all the links in the comments go to legitimate sites. I haven’t actually followed them, but I recognise links like, and Anyway, remember that for the future kiddies – if you’re going to link more than twice in a comment it might never be seen.

If you want any advice on comment spam, particularly in relation to WordPress, this post asks the question and gets relevant suggestions.


I wrote this on the 17th, while on the coast, exhausted at about 1am. For some reason I thought I needed to write poetry…. This is what I didn’t come up with.

Poetry flows.
Mine doesn’t.
Mind blocked,
no ideas,
i write gibberish.
A long, unbroken line breaks things up but makes not a lot of sense.
Call this poetry?
Poetry flows.
Mine does.
Mind opened –
Spewing gibberish.
Sense of lot a not makes, but up things break – a line unbroken, long.
Makes sense to me.
It flows.

For what, my dear friends?

That’s right. For what do we do it? What could it be?

Is it for a chance at eternity? Or the guarantee?

Maybe I could write a poem. And give it to you
For free.

It’s a strange thing, responsibility. And I hadn’t even planned for that one to rhyme. Ah well.

There’s always time. Time.
Time for a different course.

there is no time.


What have you read?
What have you believed?
What can I tell you?
Will it make you care?
What have I read?
What have I believed?
Do I care? If
You can save your mother,
Will you do it? If
You can save the world,
Will you do it? If
You can save a child in Africa,
Will you do it? How
Will you know who is suffering?
We don’t want to see
The starving,
The refugee,
The death of war,
The evil of corruption.
It cannot go unseen.
It must be changed.
The world must change.
You must change.

*This is the draft referred to in the last post that I had saved. It was the poem above I couldn’t find, somewhat essential.

I got a thing in the mail from asking if I’d like to make a submission for a new book of poetry. No, this doesn’t mean I’m a gifted poet who could make money from some perceived talent. Not at all. Generally I think it means anyone who writes what could loosely be called a poem, and posts it on their site (which I have done before with my other poems), will at some point have their “poetic talent recognised and considered for inclusion in one of the most important volumes of poetry ever produced“. I think those most important volumes come out every couple of months, each obviously more important than the last.

Anyway, on receiving their letter asking if I wanted to be included in the next life-changing volume of poetry, I wrote this poem and sent it in. It was a spur of the moment poem. I guess the proposed name of the volume was wishy-washy and feel-good, evoking images of a glossy cover featuring either kittens, flowers, cute babies or a gag-inducing combination of all three. I wasn’t in that mood. I don’t think the poem really carries anything particularly thought-provoking, and upon reading it again, I don’t like it that much, but they were some of the my first thoughts when I wondered, ‘will people think about things that really matter?’

I had forgotten about it until it was returned to me this week to check and sign off on its publication. But instead of returning it to them, it’s posted here, and here it stays.