Photographer’s Rights and Citizen Journalism – a collection of links

December 30, 2008 by  
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In preparing this story on, BlackBerry seizure an ‘abuse of police powers’, I asked my followers on Twitter if anyone knew the law regarding what can or can not be photographed in Australia. I received a lot of feedback and links, and am posting them here in case they prove useful to others. Let it be known I am not a lawyer, nor an expert in the laws governing this topic. This is just a collection of interesting links, perhaps useful, but by no means comprehensive. Read more

It pays to be with iStockphoto

May 9, 2008 by  
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iStockphoto logoI’ve just logged into my iStockphoto account for the first time in over six months, and am mildly surprised to see I have earned some money.

I only have three images available for purchase in my portfolio there. Admittedly they’ve been there for quite a long time but I wonder if the hit rate is because of good keywords, because there are a large number of purchases comparative to views on one of the photos.

One of the images has been purchased by one out of every five people who have viewed it in the last 18 months, while the other has only seen 1% of viewers purchasing.

In the case of the second image, the higher number of views could be a result of more keywords associated with the image, and therefore less specialised searching allowing people with too many interests to view the image. In the first example, a specific few keywords means only people who want that kind of image are seeing it.

Anyway, I thought it interesting that so few photos added to iStockphoto are still giving some sort of a ‘return’, no matter how small.