Howard Obama

Not sure if this will work or not, but embedded video of Colbert’s reaction to Howard’s verbal attack on Barack Obama the other week.

Football Theater

In football news, Liverpool got up over Chelsea on the weekend. Take that you overpaid stooges! That brings the Reds to within five points of second-placed Chelsea on the Premier League ladder. Arsenal, one point behind Liverpool, also beat league leaders Manchester United, making for a good weekend of top four action.

In Australia, the Queensland Roar failed to make the finals after drawing 1-1 with Sydney on Saturday night. While finishing fifth isn’t so bad, they really did disappoint this year, outplaying most of their opponents but exercising some kind of fanatical incompetence when presented with an abundance of scoring opportunities. With former Australian head coach Frank Farina at the helm, perhaps they can look forward to some improvement next season.

And in the world of metrosexuality, David Beckham has been lured to play in the United States for $US250 million over five years. The Real Madrid president basically said Beckham was going to the LA Galaxy because nobody else wanted him. I tend to agree. He’s been dropped from the England team and he hasn’t exactly been starring for Real Madrid. He’s going to the US because he’s not the great player he once was. That he can go there to retire on almost $US1 million a week is a better deal than he could have ever hoped to find anywhere else.

Bombs in Bali?

I put a question mark there because, as AP (via CNN) is reporting, the police spokesman says they just don’t know. That said, simultaneous explosions in tourist resort areas would be a strong indicator of planned bombs. Terrorist attacks.

  • LOCATION: Bali, Indonesia
    • Jimbaran Beach – at least three explosions, one reportedly close the Four Seasons cheap viagra without rx Hotel
    • Kuta – 18km from Jimbaran, one explosion reported in shopping centre.
  • WHAT:
    • Reports 2 dead, many more injured at this point.
    • Rajas restaurant in Kuta was filled with diners, both storeys badly damaged

This is just going to get bigger, and I won’t be able to keep up with it. Hope it’s not so bad… over and out.

Bali explosions

None of the TV news has shown anything yet, but reported 10 minutes ago about simultaneous explosions in Bali.

UPDATE: CNN link updated with comment by Indonesian police spokesman. BBC also with brief story although both are taken from AP

UPDATE: BBC’s behind the game. CNN has already updated this AP story four times in the last 20 minutes, including quotes from police and witnesses.

UPDATE: Well, BBC has added a map and not much else, except a form at the bottom asking for ‘citizen journalists’ (my words, not theirs) to submit, well, let me quote:

Did you witness the explosions? Send us your eywitness accounts. If you have images please send them to

CNN, meanwhile, is running with it.

Radio News Package

Earley Edition Podcast
This is the final polish of the interview I did. I’ve added a few things to the front and end of what I actually submitted for assessment, but there you have it. For anyone who knows, I had to submit text of intro and cart, but only audio of cart. Here’s the text of what I submitted.

Alright, off to the magistrate’s courts today for a story. See you all soon!

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