Digital journalism – attempt first, succeed later

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Digital media isn’t about a perfect product straight out of the box, it’s about taking the first step and just having a crack.

You’ve got NO EXCUSE
via News Videographer

I’m extremely impressed with these high school student journalists and the site. If they can do this, you really have NO EXCUSE.

Just have a go. Try your hand, you never know the amazing stories you can tell in new ways. You only learn through experience.

As part of that, there must be a culture within newsrooms that allows the freedom to fail in respect to digital media. You only fix mistakes by making them, and if people are going to learn the new skills they’re going to have to not be afraid to make mistakes.

Encourage your newsroom to change.

The most basic things to encourage self-learning in are video and audio recording. Don’t even worry about editing skills if people have zero experience or are discouraged. Just teach them to hit record. Give the result to someone else to edit/craft, and then give feedback.

Guide to Citizen Journalism

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I just noticed this post has been sitting in the DRAFT locker for a long time. It was starting to smell, so I thought I’d air it out for you with some linky goodness.

MediaShift . Digging Deeper::Your Guide to Citizen Journalism | PBS


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If television executives wonder why the online generation wants on-demand video, I’ll tell them.

It is because they regularly run useless game shows up to 15 minutes past their scheduled time, simply to get the viewers who tuned in expecting some other very popular show.

Trying to boost ratings for a terrible show using tactics like these only serve to anger and alienate otherwise satisfied consumers.

If the programs I wanted to watch were available in Australia via a legal, on-demand, online provider I would take that option because it’s one that isn’t forced upon me. Nor would it completely waste 15 minutes of my life.

I’m talking about Australia’s Channel Seven in particular. Desperate Housewives isn’t even a show I’m committed to watching religiously each week, but I certainly can’t stand their mind-numbingly boring game show, The Rich List. It was for good reason the US version was canceled after only one show.

Newspapers – Online Video provider of choice

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A US report was released yesterday showing newspaper sites grossed US$81 million in local video advertising compared to US$32 million for local TV sites.

Yes, the ‘owners’ of video, TV, are being beaten to the online visual punch by their print rivals.

It’s also predicted online video advertising revenue will make up one-third of ALL online ads by 2012.

It’s no surprise then that TIME Magazine is launching an in-house studio to develop online video content.

The distinction between print, radio, and television will continue to blur as they all produce similar content for online consumption.

LostRemote – Time to build a video studio
LostRemote – Newspapers beating TV sites to video revenue

Breakfast Television

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The intended audiences, and cultures they’re trying to build, for the two main Australian network breakfast programmes were highlighted by their choice of live musical performances this morning.

Seven’s Sunrise: Scissor Sisters with I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
Nine’s Today: Ten Tenors with I Still Call Australia Home

Poles apart.

The vagaries of sporting affiliation

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The Australian Open Tennis is still continuing, despite no more Australians remaining to take part.

Is this fair? Well, I suspect they would have called the whole event off except for the consideration that we still have one pseudo-Aussie to cheer for.

Kim Clijsters.

But she’s Belgian! Ah yes, but she dated Lleyton Hewitt for a time. I was wondering, seeing Clijsters play, what it was that led Australians to cheer her on.

Australians cheer for little Lleyton because he’s our only hope. Once a World Number One with spirit, he still finds it possible to fight his way out of two wet paper bags but I doubt he’d manage a third. But we urge him on because, despite the fact he may be a bit of toolbox, he’s still an Australian one.

But Kimmy, as I affectionately call her, still maintains Australian support. Why?

“Because she went out with Lleyton Hewitt,” is the obvious answer, but it isn’t mine.

I cheer for Clijsters because she broke up with Hewitt. As Lleyton languishes, and Kimmy conquers, each sublime stroke and volley is salt rubbed in his underachieving wound.

“Oooo, nice shot Kimmy. Who’s on top of their game now? That’s right, you!”

You, Robot

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Always with the robots.

We hear about the magnificent advances we’ll have in the near future, and everyone wheels out “the robot“, ol’ faithful.

New generations of service robots will not be very intelligent but will provide cheap help for a range of tasks such as packing, cleaning, checking and basic assistance.

Polish that chestnut, lads! Of course, robots making our lives easier has been on the cusp of realisation for the last 60 years if you believe the hype. Realistically, the scenes from AI and I Robot are a long way off, not to mention Bicentennial Man. The first robot programmed to think and talk like Robin Williams will indeed signal the end of civilisation as we know it.

While those lifelike robots might forever be consigned to the realms of science fiction, we haven’t even managed to come up with something as useful as Number 5 from Short Circuit, who was particularly unattractive.

But all those disappointments and shattered dreams end THIS year, Doctor? 2007, who woulda thunk it.

Well, then it really is only a matter of time before Robots could demand legal rights. Einstein certainly would have.

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I’ve just spent…who knows how much time…cleaning my keyboard. Yes, that’s right, I took off every key on the keyboard, cleaned them to remove any of those sweat&dirt-smudge buildups, and put them back on.

Slightly obsessive compuslive, I realise, but I noticed some ‘dust’ under the keys and what I noticed was fairly significant. Once I had finished popping off the keys and chasing them across the floor, the piles of hair, dead skin cells, bits of food and unidentified objects was quite impressive, I really should have taken a picture of it.

The fun part is when I tell you that this is a second hand keyboard from the newspaper where I did work experience in Jan/Feb, where it spent an unknown number of years collecting lunch scraps, hairs and trace elements of all the nasty things people touch… and not just any nasty people, but journalists… I shudder at the thought. haha, no offence Charlesworth! :)

Today I went and sat in the courts to get my journalism story that I have to write by next Monday. Great action! Not really, but the drug-addled defendant had an amusing ramble about ‘thanks for letting me off lightly’ while the judge was trying to explain his probation and community service order to him.

Actually, I’ve noticed in my court visits the judges are quite sympathetic to offenders when sentencing them, commenting that the harshest sentence would likely do more harm than good… kudos to you Judges who are looking for the best in people.

I’m actually going to write something related to media as well!! go figure.

I love The Australian’s ‘Editor’ section on the weekend, which covers editorial pieces from all over the globe and editorial cartoons (from Israel, Canada, Jordan and France last week). Although I don’t think they put any of this stuff specifically up on their website, so no direct link for you.

Another good part of the site is a whole raft of links for those interested in international news. Some of the links don’t work (like Kuwait Times) but it doesn’t take too much to figure it out. My link there is the ‘fixed’ one.

Anyway, enough of that, there was actually some stuff written in last week’s Editor that I was interested in talking about some-some. I’ll put that in a new post.