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It’s three weeks till the Oscars, and at least one of the movies nominated has been a pleasant surprise.

My favourite movie of the year, Little Miss Sunshine, picked up four nominations including Best Picture. It’s a high achievement for a relatively small film. Their nominations were:

  • Actor in a Supporting Role – Alan Arkin (the heroin-addicted grandfather)
  • Actress in a Supporting Role – Abigail Breslin (the optimistic pageant-bound daughter)
  • Best Picture
  • Writing (Original Screenplay)

Dreamgirls is guaranteed to win at least one Oscar, the Music (Song) award, having three out of the five nominations. The other two nominations in that category are Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and Cars, so it’s more like a 75% chance of winning.

Eddie Murphy could also get an Oscar for his supporting role in Dreamgirls. I sympathise with all the actors who, after years and years of ‘serious’ work and possibly a few best actor or best supporting actor nominations along the way, will cry into their champagne as a comedian walks away with the prize after his first non-comedic effort.

Casino Royale

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Went to see Casino Royale last night on the IMAX screen.

It was sold out for the opening night, and on the way into the cinema we were handed surveys that a Sony representative asked us to fill out afterwards.

With a microphone from the front of the cinema, she informed us the same survey would be done internationally, and as some of the first people in the world to see the movie, these surveys would be on London’s desk by the morning.

Well, the excitement was palpable. Our very own special mission for London! We felt a part of the secret service before the movie even began. We didn’t, but we could have!

The movie was brilliant. Almost non-stop action, as you would expect from a Bond film, believable bad guys and mostly believable stunts.

I loved it. It was much more realistic than the Pierce Brosnan movies, which had far too many kitschy extravagant toys that I found a little far-fetched.

After the movie, it was back to the survey. There were some general questions about comparable quality of the movie, but also personal questions about Daniel Craig, such as whether or not he was a good Bond, or whether the survey participant saw him as ‘sexy’, ‘rugged’ or other such things.

As it asked to tick all that apply, I felt compelled to go with ‘Attractive, but not my type’.

We’re off to the beach for four days today. Enjoy your weekend!

Do it. Do it. Yo, do it.

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If you’re a Ben Stiller fan, you may have enjoyed one of his more ridiculous moments in Starsky and Hutch when he impersonates a mob boss. Then again, you might not like anything Ben Stiller does – but this is all beyond the point. I was trying to think of something other than the Nike catchphrase to express what needs to happen today.

Damn it, man! Write something, anything, and hand it in!

Snakes Alive

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There’s a new movie out, the ad for which alone makes me cringe at the level to which we can stoop in entertainment. It looks like one of the most inane movies ever made and goes by the wonderfully unimaginitive title Snakes on a Plane.

It’s lots of snakes. They’re all on the plane. They’re loose! Could it be so bad it’s good, a la Eight Legged Freaks?

Possibly, since it already had built up a cult following before anyone had even seen the film. Check out the website and send someone a voice message from Samuel L. Jackson.

Okay, Eight Legged Freaks kind of sucked.

Troy overcooked

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I watched Troy last night. I um and I ah about it. I followed this link, somehow thinking he had actually done so. .Pitt compares Troy with Iraq war. I laugh at myself. I actually thought I was going to read something…substantial. They never actually quote Pitt saying the word “Iraq” (or much of anything), just ‘pertinent to today’ and ‘what we’re facing at the moment’. So what do I have to say about the movie? Read on, if you care.

I can’t fault the story – it’s not Wolfgang Petersen’s (director’s)… fault… Homer wrote a tragic, life-is-nought, stupid epic. Obviously I have not read it, otherwise I would probably have a good deal more respect for it. Nonetheless, this was not the poem, but the movie. Some good fight scenes, particularly the one between Hector (Eric Bana) and Achilles (Brad Pitt), but otherwise it was all a bit blah.

Epic? I don’t think so. Long, yes. Epic, no. I’m not sure, but I’ve come to my own conclusion that there will never be another epic. I say CGI characters, fight scenes and 1000-ship armadas automatically disqualify a movie. As you can see, my ‘epic’ is based on a grand scale of people and coordination, not necessarily on the storyline. This may be erroneous but it is my opinion. You are entitled to it.

I can’t think of any particular redeeming quality to take from the story either… Love? Stockholm Syndrome maybe. There was a love story but not the one expected between Paris and Helen, and not entirely convincing. Honor? Perhaps, it was an element. It was, however, made quite clear that honor is not rewarded in life, so I can’t say it made a point to ‘be honorable’. Eternity? Frequent talk of the gods and respecting them, but made clear they, in the end, have no influence whatsoever on the outcome of…well, anything.

So in the end it is, as Homer probably meant it, simply supposed to portray life as futile. It does a good job of that. I can’t see you, or anyone else, walking away saying, “I really liked when [x] happened because it makes you think about [x aspect of life].” Unless you enjoy thinking about life as a meaningless journey through nothingness to nothingness.

Annoying things:
I was entirely sick of Orlando Bloom (Paris, brother of Hector, prince of Troy) by the end of Lord of the Rings, and was unsurprisingly disappointed again by his steely glare, pensive sigh and high-falutin’ speak. Very disappointed to see how he ends up in the movie as well. [said thus so as not to spoil it for those who may yet go to see it, haven’t read the poem and also haven’t had someone else tell them]
And Peter O’Toole (king Priam of Troy) making as concerted an effort as I’ve ever seen towards making his eyes pop out of their sockets of their own accord – disturbing