Watch Hulu video in Australia

March 3, 2008 by  
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I recently posted saying it’s not possible to use the online video service, Hulu, in Australia or any country outside the US.

Well, I was wrong. Don Day at Lost Remote was kind enough to make a post about a new service called OPENhulu, where you can download a third-party application that will allow you to watch Hulu shows.

To do this, you must download Hotpot Shield, free software that makes it look like you are browsing from an IP in the United States, therefore allowing you to watch Hulu content via the OPENhulu website.

It’s not entirely foolproof. On downloading the program for use, you only receive a 10 gigabyte bandwidth limit per month to run through their system, which will limit the number of full-length shows you can watch.

You will want to have some good high-speed broadband to be able to watch Hulu’s NBC shows through OPENhulu. Trying to port video content through the Hotspot Shield has proved nigh on impossible for me, simply because of my broadband speed.
I’m on a wireless 3G internet connection, which claims speeds up to 512kbps but rarely reaches 300.

I don’t think you’re required to watch videos through the OPENhulu site. I was also able to watch videos directly at, but it does run ALL your internet traffic through the Hotspot Shield, so whether watching Hulu videos or not, it will slow down your entire browsing experience until you turn off the filter.

It does work though, and that’s the important thing! The videos started downloading and playing for me, even if that was happening too slowly to actually watch them. There is also no message of death informing you the video is not available in your region.

If you were asking the question, “How do I watch Hulu outside of the United States?”, here is your answer to what has likely been a painfully long search.