It’s Superapple!

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What’s that?!
Apple Patent design possibilities
Up there, in the sky!
Apple patent application possibilities

It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!
It’s an iPod!!
Or a phone!
It’s a… PDA?
Maybe an MP3 player?

Is it a camera…!?

I don’t get it.

Sorry, what is it?



MacNN has posted some of the contents of a patent filed by Apple for a “Multi-functional hand-held device”, which isn’t giving a whole lot away. It could be any one, or combination, of those things above. Impressive if they did actually manage to fit all of those features into something smaller than a brick.

Steve Irwin in pictures

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I’ve created a gallery of Steve Irwin pictures from my time at Australia Zoo, but can’t get it to show properly right now.

Instead, here are some thumbnails, from which you should be able to link to and view the larger pics… oh, and Harry Connick Jr too, since he was there.

UPDATE: It seems, since my upgrade to WordPress 2.0.4, that my gallery is working properly now! Instead of each individual picture showing in this post, you can view them in the gallery here.

Crocodile Hunter

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Steve Irwin has died as a result of stingray barb through the chest at about noon today. Nasty.

The picture of me in the sidebar is at the Australia Zoo after we’d seen Steve cheat death with a massive crocodile.

He was certainly an entertainer.


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Organisation is the key to washing dishes. If, amongst everything else, you have five plates to wash but they’re strewn across two sinks and a countertop – the task can look overwhelming.

Dave’s organisational hints to the rescue.

Stack those five plates and place them neatly next to the sink, and the job looks much smaller! Better yet, continue organising until there is no mess, but a nicely contained area of things ready to wash.

The downfall of this method is that it allows you to go longer without washing since, in your mind, there’s not much of a mess. The problem is realised when you have no clean plates left, or, after washing up, you realise you must have just cleaned every glass in the house.



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This time three years ago I think I was at about the slimmest I’m ever likely to be.

Pre-season rugby training consists of a high level of fitness work, with more skills training added as the season approaches. For two months I did not only that, but also went along to the voluntary third training night each week that was solely devoted to fitness. Not surprisingly, I quickly shed the kilos I was still carrying from when I left the US.

The first photo below was taken in December 2002, while visiting my sister in London on my way back to Australia (note my impeccable dress sense). The second? About six months later.



So around the time we got married eight months ago I was thinking, “I could stand to lose about four or five kilos to get back to that ideal weight.” So, I thought about the exercise needed to get there but, contrary to wishful thinking, positive thoughts do not kilos lose.

Then, a few weeks ago, my mother had the audacity to tell me I should exercise a bit more since my weight gain was starting to become obvious. If you compare those two photos you can see my cheeks just below my eyes really puff up – which is what my mother pointed out to me.

So I stepped on the scales to see where I was at. Instead of the four or five kilos I thought I could lose, I’ve gained five or six. It’s a good thing Kate and I are starting an exercise regime to help her relieve the stresses of the day once she starts her new job on Monday.


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It’s Winter Camp weekend. So we’re off till Sunday.

Winter Camp?


That’s the one.

Main Roads

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We have very dirty windows. It’s because we live not more than 10 metres from a major road.

As you can see, I could pretty much spit on the road from our back mini-balcony.

That we have dirty windows then is is no great revelation. What I was given cause to wonder quite a while ago was, if the windows get this dirty this quickly, what does that say about the air we’re breathing every day?

What I was looking for was studies about the health risks associated with living by main roads.

A simple Google search using study living near main roads brought up some stuff. I didn’t bother following a single link to read any of the studies, but on first result contents I say, “We’re going to have strokes!”

I don’t know how those millions of people who live along main roads have lasted as long as they have!


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Mine? Ha, I wish. Graduation sometimes seems like Shangri-La, or an academic Valhalla – two mythical places, the latter only reached if slain in the throes of study.

Kate and I trekked over to UQ to congratulate Milton, Grace and Dan on their graduation ceremony day. Unfortunately Milton had already returned his gown and left, but Dan and Grace were still waiting to go into their ceremony at 6pm.

These three have been my closest university friends over the last three-and-a-half years. I’ll miss you Milton and Grace, but I promise we’ll see you in Singapore sometime! Dan will be half a world away, in Beaudesert, so I’ll probably see him less.


This is the only photo I took. It is of the back of Dan Tang’s head. Although you wouldn’t necessarily have known that. He’s a hairy fellow. There were other photos, and hopefully Dan or Grace will post them soon. Whose camera was that, anyway?

I hope you enjoyed your time with your dad, Grace.

And Milton – big, big congratulations on your Masters!

Hello, Mother

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In perhaps the most disturbing blog post I have had to yet compose, but far and away the most humbling because I know family will read this, I am becoming my mother.

Our bible study group was on supper at church tonight, and since Kate was leading the service and left at 3.30pm, I stayed at home baking a cake to bring later. Now, despite the apparent evidence just presented, this is not how I am becoming my mother. Besides, it was an ‘instant’ cake – all I had to do was mix some butter, eggs and water in with the powder and then stick it in the oven. Repeat procedure for the icing and you’re done.

As an aside, I really hope it wasn’t terrible because anyone would have thought Kate made it and thought less of her cooking abilities. Just between you and I, she’s a brilliant cook and looked upon the instant cake with disdain. It just happened to be a marketing gimmick that came for free with the plastic cake holder we bought two weeks ago.

I’ve wandered, but not too far from the story I’m telling, as you’ll soon see.

On returning home I looked at the large array of dirty dishes and cookware around the sink and thought about how I would tackle the problem. A man’s brain sees problems in need of a solution. I just thought I should point that out. Despite having finished baking an instant cake no more than four hours earlier, I was still thinking like a man.

Things needed to be organised. Put in their place. Fitted. You see, a large mound of dishes is much less daunting when it’s tidy before you start washing things. On the stovetop there was a stack of plates on the right burner, the wok from lunch straddled the two back burners, the sink was full to overflowing with cooking bowls and utensils – and every inch of counter space betwixt the two was taken.

The only free space in this menagerie was the left burner on the stovetop.

It was here that I placed our new cake holder that had this very evening experienced for the first time the fullness of its purpose – to hold cakes.

My family will no doubt at this point be laughing with glee, knowing what invariably comes next.

melted cake holder

I turned to attend to other things and smelt that acrid stench of melting plastic. Yes, after melting the 1 ½ tablespoons of butter with 1 ½ tablespoons of milk, the front-left burner remained on for three hours while out of the house.

The picture is of the distraught cake-holder, the offending burner, and the wine I used to soothe my ego as I wrote this post.

My much-maligned mother has been the butt of many a joke over the years for the melted pots, pans and plastic that have been the result of occasions such as this. I must unjustifiably apologise to her. And to those who will now ridicule me, can I help what I have become? I think not.


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Mammoth cooking effort tonight. Seriously just finishing now at 2am. Will post tomorrow, with pics!


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I just called my mobile phone using Skype, over my dialup connection. Why would I do that?
Read more


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Rendezvous – Part II

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(l to r: Paul, Bren, Dave, Dan)

Dan’s cousin Chris had a camera, and thus the meeting of three blogging legends was immoralised immortalised. I’m watching Australia versus The Netherlands on the TV as I write this, and it took me a few seconds to realise the moment had not been immoralised by the taking of a photo. If anything it was immoralised by my hand tightly clasped around Dan’s waist. But I digress, because by legends, of course, I am referring to the definition of a person who inspires a legend. At the same link a legend is defined as:

1 a : a story coming down from the past; especially : one popularly regarded as historical although not verifiable

That would be this story.

Paul, a lifelong friend of Bren’s, joined us for the evening, as did Chris and Remi (spelling?), Dan’s cousin and friend, both visiting from Singapore. After meeting outside Hungry Jacks in the Queen Street Mall there was brief indecision about where to go for a drink, until Dan saved the day and suggested an Irish bar he knew.

Paul is from Caboolture and Dan from the Gold Coast. As a Brisbane resident the thought, “I should get out more”, did cross my mind. Then I considered blogging about it, and happily went on my way.

To the lilting sound of Irish folk music, and some other terrible tunes, we found some seats and promptly vacated them as Guinness, XXXX and, a little surprisingly, champagne thanks to Chris, made its way back to the table. The night’s conversation consisted of politics and religion, although it moved on to journalism and media towards the end of the evening.

And towards the end of this post, I’ve run out of steam. I thought it held such promise at the start there. Nonetheless, I’ll kill it and let Dan and Bren pick up the slack if they choose to blog about it.

Before I do that I apologise to Allister for not inviting him to this blogger’s retreat. I thought of it on the way home at 11pm. Sorry mate.

Small additions

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I’ve added My Newsvine content to the left-hand column in the sidebar after seeing it at Salam Pax’s site. Not sure how useful it will be, but it gives me a way to unobtrusively link some of the news I’m reading online.

I’ve also changed the header file so this icon should show up in your address bar now. It was there at blogspot, but I never got around to changing it here.

In other news, my friend Dan has landed himself a journalism cadetship! Kudos to you mate.


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