James Smith – the singing tradesman

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I would normally never highlight stuff I’ve done at work, but this guy is a great story.

Either check out the video directly directly at YouTube, or read a little bit about him and watch the video on the story page. If you think it’s worth sharing please send the links around, or digg it.

James Smith first tried singing 18 months ago. That was karaoke – now he’s had 10 singing lessons, and on Saturday night he sang Nessun Dorma and several others at the Bastille Day Grand Dinner Ball.

I shot and edited the video. I rarely get to play with the video cameras these days… This is the first interview James has ever done. A story to rival Paul Potts – the singing mobile phone salesman from Britain’s Got Talent (YouTube link).We had to go with the video before both commercial TV news stations got him, despite my rough shooting and editing skills (back lighting on his porch, and why the hell is there not a tripod in that kit?). Both commercial stations did a story on their Saturday 6pm bulletins, 18 hours after my video went online, but this was James Smith’s first ever interview.

Again, either check out the video directly at YouTube, or read a little bit about him and watch the video on the story page.

I had embedded the video here, but something to do with the code broke my webpage, so visit the links to see it.

Blog for a job

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If you’re a journalism or communications student, blog and understand the importance of being web-literate if you want to get a job in the new media landscape.

From Shawn Smith at New Media Bytes – to journalism students, and by association journalists:

But the bottom line is this: If you’re a journalism student (or anyone looking to succeed in mass comm), you need a blog. You need to learn how to cover a beat and write for a niche. You need to learn how to write for an audience and tap them for information. You need to be able to understand the web, or at least show a willingness to learn.

You’ve shown some initiative and taught yourself a few skills.

Why is ‘blog’ still a four-letter word? | New Media Bytes | Online journalism, web production and promotion


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The last two posts have been embedded video content that I’ve been giving out as my video portfolio.

In that light, I’ve created a Portfolio category which also includes a radio interview submitted during a broadcast course, as well as another early podcast.

It won’t be the definitive portfolio, but at least for now I can add a few things to that category so some of this blog’s content can actually be found.

Video Portfolio – ABC TV

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These two videos were done during a two-week internship at ABC TV. Unlike The Courier Mail videos the work here was much more like that of a regular television journalist, simply reporting while the technical aspects of shooting and editing are handled by a camera person and editor.

Title: Innes Follow
Duration: (1:38)
Contribution: Wrote and read script, picked out grab selection and included piece-to-camera

After the disappearance of a Brisbane schoolgirl in Sydney, I went with a camera person and journalist to cover the story locally. At the time of the report ABC was still not naming the girl, and so in this report she is also not named. A piece-to-camera was included for the purposes of a portfolio.

Title: Lions Captains
Duration: (1:30)
Contribution: Wrote and read script, picked out grab selection.

During my time at ABC TV I accompanied the sports reporter on several stories, as well as being the sole reporter on a few occasions. This press conference covered the announcement of five co-captains for the Brisbane Lions AFL team.

Video Portfolio – Courier Mail

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I just rediscovered some of my video portfolio has already been posted at Photobucket.

Here are just a few of the videos I did during my internship at at The Courier-Mail. Apart from these videos I have used Adobe Premier Pro regularly, and Avid occasionally, to edit and produce many studio shoots and several news videos.

Title: Chinese New Year
Duration: (0:58)
Contribution: Camera, editing, production, web posting

Using a small handheld DV camera without external microphone or headphone jacks, I went out on my own to shoot video of Chinese New Year celebrations in the Chinatown mall in Brisbane. This was on a Saturday at the end of my first week of internship. On the same day I edited the video footage using Adobe Premier Pro for the first time, uploaded the final product to the media server and posted to the Roo player video portal.

Title: Lockhart River Art Gang – Our Way
Duration: (0:58)
Contribution: Camera, editing, production, web posting.

Without a tripod available to take with us, I had to shoot this entire video freehand. It is the launching of the Our Way exhibition at the University of Queensland and includes interviews with some of the featured artists.

Title: Logan Truck Fire
Duration: (0:27)
Contribution: Wrote and read voice-over script.

During my first week of internship I accompanied a video journalist, print journalist and photographer from The Courier Mail to a truck fire. On the way back to the office I wrote a voice-over script that was then used

Title: KIA Cars
Duration: (2:20)
Contribution: Editing, production, web posting

The Courier Mail’s motoring editor had returned from a motor show in Germany with still images and video taken on a consumer point-and-shoot digital camera. I edited and produced a video from that provided content. This was only the second time I had used Adobe Premier Pro, and through playing with the program discovered a few simple effects to try and make the still images a little more entertaining.

Radio News Package

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Earley Edition Podcast
This is the final polish of the interview I did. I’ve added a few things to the front and end of what I actually submitted for assessment, but there you have it. For anyone who knows, I had to submit text of intro and cart, but only audio of cart. Here’s the text of what I submitted.

Alright, off to the magistrate’s courts today for a story. See you all soon!

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Helen Ester Interview

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Earley Edition Podcast
As described in the earlier post, this interview is with Helen Ester, and tenuously related to her paper submitted to the Democratic Audit of Australia at the Australian National University (ANU).

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