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Back from holiday. Just quickly throwing these things out there because I need some help

  1. Skype – I’m trying to configure Skype to record straight into Garageband (or other similar/better audio recording software for the purpose of online voice interviews. I’ve seen some stuff but am yet to get it to work. Specifically, I can’t find a step-by-step guide I saw a few months ago that dealt with Skype to Garageband specifically.
  2. Does anyone know how to make an iPod function as a storage device that will work in both Macs and Windows-based computers? I thought I had enabled it on my mac, but when I went and tried to use it on PCs at university it wasn’t recognised, and asked if I wanted to format my external storage device in FAT32 format or something. I didn’t because I didn’t know whether or not that would end up being a bad thing for the iPod as a whole, and didn’t want to lose the files I HAD transferred onto it.
  3. Quick links. Because I hardly have time to read these, but I really want to, maybe after putting these links here I can shut all the tabs and unclutter my desktop. These are all the websites I have open in tabs at the moment, with plans to read in full. Some are read and awaiting posting here, but this will have to do.

Alright, there’s a big storm rumbling through, and I’ve been trying to rush this post so I can unplug everything. Take care, see you soon. Oh yes, and help with 1. and 2. above would be appreciated.

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Car problems and a piano

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This podcast was mostly recorded at my old school, outside Ross Roy, the family home of the landowners, built back in 1897. That’s a photo I took today, and this is my podcast. Enjoy. (Here is a smaller file of the podcast, half the size, half the quality)

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I had heard a few things about podcasting, but up until now had not a clue how it worked. Now I’ve read about it at wikipedia, and I can say, “meh.” No, I actually would like to try it, but as anyone stopping by may well realise, I have a hard enough time trying to keep up the posts here without another gadgetry distraction.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii okay, that there is a clear sign.
When tired, sleep. No, not iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii okay, and again! That’s it. To bed with me. No, not with me. Nearly happened again. Hit post.

Post, before you make a fool of yourself, man!!

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