My name is Dave Earley, and this is my website, the earley edition.

the earley edition was launched in April 2004 following uninspiring forays into the world of Geocities over the years, and involvement with online communities dating back to the early 1990s. It would be vain to suggest this site improves upon those earlier, uninspiring attempts at online community participation – it simply is what it is.

Through various stages of development the site has included video and audio podcasts, some links to print and video (YouTube & Photobucket) portfolio content, audio, and photography.

You can subscribe to receive my blog updates via email, using an RSS reader, or even in iTunes for those very rare occasions I put together a video or audio podcast.

I spend my days in a metro network television newsroom. The views I express here are my own, and do not necessarily (or ever) represent those of my employer.

Please feel free to enter the discussion and, as always, thanks for joining me.

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