The Pew Future of Mobile News report

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Here’s a few things of interest I thought worth noting in the Pew MoJo report, otherwise known as (in very important and loud caps): THE EXPLOSION IN MOBILE AUDIENCES AND A CLOSE LOOK AT WHAT IT MEANS FOR NEWS

“… fully a third of all U.S. adults now get news on a mobile device at least once a week […] And for many people, mobile devices are adding how much news they consume. More than four in ten mobile news consumers say they are getting more news now and nearly a third say they are adding new sources.”


If you can do it without an app, do: “the use of news apps on mobile devices, which many publishers hoped would be a way to charge for content, remains limited. Most people still use a browser for news on their tablet.”

A very interesting finding on new digital customers, and digital customers who remain loyal to the print product. The latter prefer an app-based news experience that’s similar to a traditional reading experience of the physical product. This brings up development resourcing issues in retaining some readers while continuing to attract new readers with innovative designs.

Highlights from the Infographic, which can be found here:

In 2011, iPad had 81% of the tablet market and Android just 14%. In 2012? iPad 52% and Android 48%. iPad people use their tablet more regularly and more for news – Android tablet users are more social, and get their news from shared links.


And if you think ’email is dead’, it’s still the most performed daily activity on tablets, and even moreso on smartphones. By a large margin. News is right up there too. Smart mobile-formatting + daily newsletters and email news alerts = Win for MoJo.


An interesting statistic for long-form journalism and social sharing: 90% of people who read in-depth articles on a tablet do it for personal use, while only 23% read in-depth articles recommended by friends and family.

And while readers are willing to pay for news, only 6% say they’ve paid directly for news on their tablet.

There’s also the Future of Mobile News Infographic Challenge. Play with all the data, submit your infographic, win, get featured by the Economist and Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ)!