Digital conversion or death

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My tagline on Twitter has for many years now been “One digital convert at a time”. That was more a reflection of my limited ability to change the world – a quip to humour those who saw digital as an oddity – not a desire to continually and repeatedly convince obtuse individuals that there was in fact a future in digital. For years, whether they knew it or not and especially now, nobody has that sort of time to waste ignoring digital, waiting until they’re persuaded to listen.

One digital convert at a time was never enough anyway, all it did was express a sentiment that we who believed were willing to chip away at the obstructionists. After years of inaction I have lost patience. I am no longer content with chipping away.

Convert thee to digital or risk eternal damnation and suffering in the fires of irrelevance.

It’s not a call to scrap everything, just to accept that digital participation is no longer optional, so embrace it. And we don’t need any more blog posts titled: “Web skills journalists need in 2015”. That list has hardly changed since 2007.

Bring on the revolution.

This rant marks the eight year anniversary of the earley edition.