Merry Christmas from the earley edition!

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It’s been a long year for me, but an almost non-existent one for the earley edition. Blogging is dead, long live the blog (in 2012)!

For those who didn’t know, I’ve been online editor at Quest Community Newspapers – – for almost 18 months now! Time flies, and the last six months of the new website has been like a speeding freight train. A few nudges here and there to make sure it stays on track, but expect to be crushed if you get in the way. Sometimes I have to get in the way, so the last six months has been a particularly hard slog (more so for my family, who have seen me briefly and sometimes not at all), but I’m looking forward to a bigger and better 2012. Not just at work, but here too at the earley edition!

In the last few weeks I’ve had Kristofor Lawson on deck full time as my deputy online editor at Quest, so there are exciting times ahead. 2012 is going to be massive, prepare to be blown away ;) It definitely won’t be less work with an extra set of hands!

Anyway, here’s a fun earley edition Christmas message, featuring the indomitable first edition (Miss 2), and introducing the second edition (Mr 0.75). [abridged version]