Australian internet traffic doubles in two years, up 37 times over 8 years

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As part of the ABS Internet Survey released the other week, it’s interesting to see total data downloaded in Australia has more than doubled in two years.
Out of the two posts I was writing from that survey this post was to be the more substantive.
The first post was NBN to roll out 100mbps – so why are 16 per cent of Australians still on dialup?.

Instead, I’ve just come back to it and will post it as dot points.

Australian household internet consumption has grown 57 times since 2000, the first year the Internet Survey was conducted.

Total subcribers (including business) average download over three months:

  • 2000: 273mb
  • 2008: 10.17 GB

Household subscribers average download over three months (in 2000, there was only dialup)

  • 2000: 174mb
  • 2008: 9.9 GB

Other points of interest from the data.

  • Average internet data consumption per subscriber has increased 37 times since ABS first released results in September 2000
  • Average Australian household internet consumption has grown 57 times in the same period.
  • TOTAL internet data consumption across Australia has increased from just one terabyte of data in 2000, to 81 TB of data in 2009.
  • 3.8 million connection in 2000 were almost all dialup, compared to 8 million connections in 2008, of which 1.3 million were dialup.
  • In just two years Australian data consumption doubled. In Sep06 Australia’s total data download was 36tb (to 81 TB in Dec 09)
  • Where the average (mostly dialup) connection in 2000 downloaded 273mb each, the total download across australia was 1.05 TB amongst 3.8 million connections.
  • In 2008, Australia’s 1.3m dialup users downloaded almost exactly the same amount of overall data as the first survey reported, this time 1.07 TB.
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  1. Pia Waugh says:

    You may find this useful:

    Some great stats about how Aussies are using the internet, and the fact that for the first time more of us spend time on the Internet than on any other media :)

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