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PANPA - Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association

PANPA - Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association

I left a comment over at the PANPA students’ blog last night, asking how they determined Facebook to be a “media outlet”.

Based on a survey of six students, they listed Facebook as the media outlet most accessed.

They asked for feedback, so I provided it. Basically, the survey would be interesting if it was expanded to as many students as possible, and actually ask questions about what aspects of social networking use they consider to be news consumption, or news related.

My comment:

Not disagreeing, just interested to know if Facebook was chosen as a media outlet or just a site visited (as top five media outlets).

Saw what was written re: Facebook, so by gossip did you mean gossip/entertainment news was being seen through Facebook, or was hard(er) news also looked at?
And how are students accessing that news through Facebook (news RSS apps/widgets, media outlet fan pages, wall posts, link recommendations from friends, etc)?

In a wider survey of the 18-25 demographic that would be interesting, but also moving the question beyond just Facebook, to social networking in general and other specific sites people might use.

Whether the news was gossip and entertainment, or more serious news, is somewhat less important at this point than how it is being accessed. I’m sure a study like this has been done. If not I challenge someone in academia, whose job it is to study how people interact with and share news media online, to conduct that survey and share its results.

A practical look at how different demographics interact and share news online can, at the very least, help inform decisions about more effective news distribution online, whether for large corporations or individual journalists trying to get a story seen.

If such a survey or report has been done and is old news, apologies, and a link to the study in the comments would be much appreciated!

Slightly unrelated:
PANPA also have a “podcast” on their site which I have yet to listen to, having seen it just a few hours ago. My only problem is, I would argue that a podcast requires the ability to automatically download new updates using something like iTunes. That would require RSS to be present.

There are quite a few very good interviewees listed, which I will download to listen to, but it’s not immediately apparent how old, or new, the interviews are.

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