An experiment in Mobile Journalism or MoJo

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Reuter's Got Mojo (that's mobile journalism)
Image by inju via Flickr

In January I experimented with a little mobile journalism, or MoJo, on a small story. Using Qik on a Dopod mobile phone, I live streamed video from the scene of a unit fire on Brisbane’s south side.

This was by no means an experiment in mobile journalism that even basically covered how MoJo could be done, it was simply a spur of the moment decision to give it a go. These are my thoughts on the process.

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Individual as Brand – Sustaining news during the Unthinkable

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A picture from the top of the Geoman Press at ...

Who else can have an opinion on Clay Shirky’s Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable? Me, apparently, but maybe I’m coming at it from a different angle. When thinking of a business model destroyed, the first thing that came to mind was recent discussions about the individual as a brand. Specifically Andy Dickinson’s contribution to the Carnival of Journalism in December 2008, where he said 2009 is the year of the individual journalist. I’m not suggesting I have any answers, but here’s one of those fanciful theories: Maybe the individual as a brand can sustain news beyond “The Unthinkable”.

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earley edition in Sydney, one show only

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I’m going to be in Sydney on Monday, March 23, and as in the embedded calendar below you can see when I’m already expecting to be busy or seeing people.
If you’d like to catch up with me, leave a comment here, reply to me on Twitter, direct message me on Twitter, or email.
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PANPA students – media interaction?

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PANPA - Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association

PANPA - Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association

I left a comment over at the PANPA students’ blog last night, asking how they determined Facebook to be a “media outlet”.

Based on a survey of six students, they listed Facebook as the media outlet most accessed.

They asked for feedback, so I provided it. Basically, the survey would be interesting if it was expanded to as many students as possible, and actually ask questions about what aspects of social networking use they consider to be news consumption, or news related.
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