Helen Thomas – ink in her veins

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Short video of legendary newswoman Helen Thomas on her return to the White House after recovering from health problems. She is speaking about looking forward to reporting on her eighth US President as a member of the White House press corps.

She’s been in the newspaper industry so long, I think Helen would bleed ink, and will quietly mourn the state of the newspaper industry.

I realized really how dedicated I was to newspapers, which are dying.

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Energise your innovation – just get moving

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Don’t let the pace of change, in any form of digital media or content creation, hold you back from being creative, from expressing your ideas and input to the change you want to see in your newsroom.

I pore over content and my feed reader, trying to perfect comment, and content, so that it is comprehensive, definitive, and unable to be questioned. I feel the need to cover the issue from all angles, as if I must attempt to encompass the breadth and wealth of thought out there. And yet I’m overwhelmed by the quantity of more, better, reasoned, experienced content creators out there, and so hesitate to speak. Read more