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Reuters Mobile Journalism MOJO

Incredibly simple, but effective.

The Reuters mojo (Mobile Journalism) team has been field-testing the exclusive use of a Nokia N95 mobile phone for filing picture, video, and text content.

Tests have been conducted all over the world, and while the phone’s video quality isn’t great, it’s certainly a lot closer to the perfect mobile journalist than anyone else has effectively come.

See their mojo site, but the toolkit consists of the N95 phone, a collapsable keyboard with phone bracket, mini tripod for video use of phone, directional microphone and a solar charging mobile power source for the phone.

The solar power source is probably not necessary for your average city journo, but as their description says, the solar charger came in handy in Senegal. Fair enough.

Despite the 5MP still camera on the N95, I don’t think its video quality is equal to what you could expect from a comparable still camera. I’ve seen some excellent video taken on a lower-end consumer point-and-shoot digital camera (a $300 Canon Powershot SD800 IS)


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