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Of Ryan Sholin’s list of 10 obvious things about the future of newspapers you need to get through your head, there are a few points I particularly like.

  • New delivery systems – RSS, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – aren’t the competition. Ignore them at your own peril.
  • You don’t need millions of dollars or HD cameras or years of training to make it happen; all you need is the right frame of mind.
  • Bloggers aren’t an uneducated lynch mob unconcerned by facts. They’re your readers and your neighbors and if you play your cards right, your sources and your community moderators.

I also like the first comment response by online journalism educator Mindy McAdams, who says user-generated content shouldn’t exist in a backwater (or not at all), but in “a place where the public’s concerns and interests (not just their opinions) are brought out and discussed”.

This ties in with the idea that bloggers = readers = neighbours = community sources.

And not only that, but online-savvy community sources.

Hulu – the News tube

Earlier this year it was announced that News Corporation was developing a YouTube killer.  It was to be their own video serving site that was going to deliver full-length TV shows in a partnership with NBC, rather than the perceived notion (misguided I think) of the worthless fare served up on YouTube.

The News Ltd paper I work for (full disclosure) went so far as to declare in March 2007 that “YouTube’s dominance of online video content is about to end”. is the outworking of that effort and is now in beta, and it’s looking pretty good.

Something very few news sites are doing today is incorporating social networking opportunities into their structure.  Even less are incorporating social networking into their video content – which remains for the most part clunky and unappealing.

Hopefully Hulu will change that for News Ltd/Corp.  This aspect of the current beta player is promising.

The “embed” function allows you to set in and out points, so you can embed just a selected chunk of a video clip on your blog.

I really hope this technology gets rolled out to all News Ltd/Corp sites, because it will exponentially enhance video content accessibility.

A review of Hulu at LostRemote.