Twitter for work

Twitter logoI’ve been thinking for a while, perhaps reading elsewhere, that Twitter could be applied to business communications.  Twitter messages can be read via an RSS feed, or the real-time free text messages to registered ‘followers’.

Twitters (messages left on Twitter) are limited in length, much like a text message on a phone, but would be very handy for imparting brief, quick instructions to everyone in a work group immediately on their mobile phone.

via Phil Windley’s Technometria:

…using Twitter as a messaging endpoint in what Rohit Khare calls a “syndication oriented architecture,” or SynOA. Jon Udell and Rohit talked about this on IT Conversations a few weeks ago.

I’m using Twitter in a similar way in my class this semester. My students are writing servers that send updates to a Twitter account via the Twitter API. Anyone can then subscribe to those updates through RSS, via SMS, or simply by going to the Web page. Easy, simple, and pretty effective.

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