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If you’re a TV station dabbling in online content, Steve Safran of Lost Remote urges you to put more than your video “left-overs” online.  Shoot content exclusively for the web, or at least tailored with a web audience in mind.

Also, if your “talent” isn’t talented enough to be on air, why are they talented enough to be online?  Be very clear here, he’s not saying they shouldn’t be online, but that television and web are different.  Tell people not to think of themselves as speaking for television, and the imperfection and quirkiness of being themselves can be the selling point.

As Safran says, there is a difference between “real and quirky” and “bad delivery”.

via LR – The web is not the TV minor leagues


2 Responses to “Design a news site for a web audience”
  1. Dave says:

    I will, I will! With tutoring and job I’ve had about one day off in the last two weeks… Working today and tomorrow (Sat/Sun) and through till Friday, when I’m back at uni! By then I’ll probably sleep all weekend, but I’m still actively thinking about that redesign.

  2. tango says:

    im real and quirky. put me on your blog!

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