Using handheld digital video cameras to shoot television news

August 25, 2007 by  
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What television news could be: a marriage between beautiful image manipulation and serious news.

Instead, what do we do? Stand ups? People eating bugs. Guess Who’s Coming to Decorate. What a tragic waste.

A great deal of the banality of television was inherent in the technology. When cameras were big and heavy and bulky there was a natural disincliation to use them creatively. We were content to perch them on a tripod and roll tape. The result: static.


Small, hand held digital video cameras have the potential to do for television journalism what Leicas did for photo journalism – create a very different looking product – one that is more intimate, more immediate and much more powerful.

if we have the courage to change……

We could, of course, continue to use these small cameras to replicate what we do already.

We could also mount a leica on a tripod and take a very stiff formal photograph.

But that would be a waste of vast potential….

via Michael Rosenblum

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