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It’s been a long time since I blogged any international events, but this one was enough to shock me out of my reverie.

Some African Union (AU) member states want to unite the entire continent – a United States of Africa, if you will.


Many Africans regard this as an unrealistic, if noble, dream. Sceptics point to decades of wars, coups and massacres that often sprang from ethnic and religious fault lines on a continent artificially carved up by former colonial rulers.

You could also argue uniting the continent would remove those artificial lines created by arbitrary colonial division, and reduce the chance for ethnic and religious conflict. But only if the united ‘states’ of Africa are not the states as we know them now.

If the same states remained the resulting union would only be as peaceful as the other continental union if it followed their same pattern – radical integration deterring conflict. In the case of the European Union, economic integration has worked. In Africa there’s not a lot of economy to share around and prosper in, so they might have to go with what the EU has shied away from, political integration.

Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi is one of the main proponents of the idea.

Again, You can do it

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Michael Rosenblum is certainly going to piss a few people off.  And why wouldn’t people get pissed off when you’re questioning the practicality of tradition?

The Future of Local TV News? « Rosenblumtv

Who would buy an edit suite today? Not in an era when you can edit just about anything on a laptop. Makes sense.

Extend that argument to cameras, satellite dishes, transmission towers in an era in which anyone can put video up online with a server and an online connection and suddenly the whole architecture of local tv news as we know it starts to collapse.


Go over the local University. Get yourself a dozen bright and eager young journalists. They all have their own cameras and laptops anyway. And start your own local news channel.

There is no ‘barrier to entry’ except your own anxiety.
Someone is going to do this. Why not you?

Amen.  And while not every university student has a video camera, even the movie mode of a half-decent point-and-shoot camera is going to yield a decent 320×240 video image – pretty much your standard online video viewing size.

If you don’t have a video camera but WANT one you can get some of the higher quality ones (HD, 3CCD and external microphone) on eBay, brand new, for much less than the retail. I link you here to pages that have a review (not in-depth), retail price and eBay prices of a couple of cameras.
Canon HV20

Your Peers Need You

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You’re needed for some hard yakka.

Job description:
Take online video by the horns, wrestle it to the ground and scream something incoherent about not taking it anymore. Then lead it by the nose, and show it how to make a difference.

Banana Republic « Rosenblumtv

And as video moves to the web, the quality and very content of that public discourse is now up for grabs.

So while exploding mentos and coke bottles are great, there are more important issues to be dealt with in video.

And Fox News and NBC are not going to do it.

You have to.

Online Video overdose

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The most basic and free video editing software (as in, you don’t have to go download/install it because it’s already on your computer) is usually okay for basic video users.

For Windows users there’s Windows Movie Maker, while I’ve found iMovie for the Mac is an ample resource for those quick edits and exports.

If you don’t have any video software that you can use on your hard drive, or are up for a little experimentation, there are a lot of online editing solutions.  I would recommend not trying them on dialup (as I have to at home).

Mashable has put together a very comprehensive resource.

Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources

There’s more information there than anyone can reasonably be expected to digest, and the following are just the categories under which they list resources:

  • Live Video Communications
  • Online Video How-to
  • Online Video Editors
  • Online Video Converters
  • Video sharing
  • Video hosting
  • Video organization and management
  • Vidcasts & vlogging
  • Video mashups
  • Mobile video apps
  • Video search
  • Online video downloading services
  • Miscellaneous tools
  • Online TV

They also have other posts in the series, with the Online Photography Toolbox, Blogging Toolbox, and Online Productivity Toolbox.

Why iPhone is not ‘the next iPod’ …

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While this post by Steve Safran was all about the iPhone, in it he also touched on the meaning of the mobile web.

The mobile web is different from the desktop and laptop web. There are already mobile-maximized sites out there. But these are mostly just lite versions of web pages. The mobile web is different – people using it have different needs. What successful local media companies will pay attention to is how people use the iPhone and its upcoming competitors in new ways. They will build pages and generate content that people using the mobile web will want.

The media is trying hard enough to keep up with ‘desktop’ and ‘laptop’ web. Add ‘mobile’ web into the mix as a standalone page and content creation system, and you either have to increase the workload, the staff numbers, or both. Local and global media will have to make a decision about how important all this web stuff is. Is it just about keeping up, or is it about defining the rules and setting the trends as you go?

It’s easy to say – but what does defining the rules and setting the trends mean? I’m still trying to figure that out.

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