The end is nigh

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In five days I will get results back on my final semester at university.

As long as everything has gone according to plan I will be Dave Earley, plus letters!


Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Journalism.

My smiling face will be knocking on your doors soon.

Find the content

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Another reason not to dismiss YouTube as unprofessional.  It’s not about the worst content you might find there, it’s about the best content you can find there.

CNN to host YouTube presidential debates – Lost Remote TV Blog

Online video explosion

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A survey just released shows daily online video usage has increased by an amazing 56% in the past year. That’s daily usage, and it’s across the board, 12 to 64-year-olds.

While it’s only a jump from 9 to 14% daily, a huge 52% of people across that age range watch online video at least once a week. That goes up to 80% watching at least once a week when you narrow the range to 18 to 24-year-old males. For females of the same age that figure is 53%.

The good news for media distribution is that they’re not just watching YouTube clips, but also news stories, movie trailers, and sometimes full-length TV shows and movies. (via LR)

Style, Content and Comprehension

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Earlier this morning I mentioned to a friend this academic report from October last year about the quality of news content found in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

And today LostRemote mentions a Pew Research study showing: ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert’ viewers most informed about news – Lost Remote TV Blog

Read the entire report’s summary of findings, if you have some time.

Multimedia Gear

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If you’re interested in video journalism, Mindy McAdams of tojou, or the Teaching Online Journalism blog, has a comprehensive list of gear for the multimedia reporter. 

I wish I’d known about her blog before now, because I think it’s going to be essential reading.


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Social networking is all the rage at the moment.

I’ve signed up to a few popular sites to see how useful they are – and because I’m a complete nerd. I did hold off for a quite a while on signing up to some of these, but I now feel it’s almost a responsibility to be involved and try to understand them more.

I honestly haven’t put much effort into expanding my social networks across these sites yet, and hadn’t visited some for several months before writing this post.

I’m on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster… probably something else, but I can’t remember at the moment.

You can read about Twitter in this article in The Australian yesterday, where it’s suggested Twitter may not be a complete waste of time.

“There are people who talk about their frivolous daily activities,” Owyang says.

“I remove them. For me it’s more of a business communication tool than a frivolous personal introspection tool.”

LinkedIn has been described as invaluable for professional and career networking. The following is a profile link promotion button. It will probably be part of a future redesign of

View Dave Earley's profile on LinkedIn

And Twitter has been described as inane, which of course it can be, as can blogs. But there are useful ones out there too. The badge below may be incorporated into that redesign I mentioned.

follow earleyedition at

VJ links

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This is an email I recently sent to my internship coordinator at UQ’s School of Journalism and Communication, after he asked me if I had any VJ sites I could recommend. I spent some time looking for a few links for him and thought they might also be useful to others.

To: Journalist-in-residence, UQ School of Journalism and Communication
From: Dave Earley

I haven’t kept up with video journalism (VJ) sites much, mainly because it usually requires high-speed internet when videos are involved, and I’m on free student dialup! I haven’t really found any VJ ‘forums’ either.

By the way, an example of a good university news site is Virginia Tech’s Collegiate Times.

Hope the following is helpful, and not link overload.

The only site I could recommend off the top of my head is Michael Rosenblum – but other than discuss theory, he doesn’t go into a lot of technicalities on his blog about how to do VJ. So I’ve put him in ‘interesting reading’ links. He runs training worldwide in VJ (including for the BBC), but perhaps the best start would be this page:
It looks like it has some good links that could be helpful

After a bit of searching, you might also find these useful. I haven’t had time to look into them in-depth (as I said, dialup is not conducive to fast content viewing online):
The CurrentTV guide is fairly basic, but provides some good information – I’ve looked at it before. Actually if you follow that link, at the bottom of the section there is a ‘Learn More’ button where you’ll find more links.

Interesting reading:

Great Firewall of China

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As internet censorship in China becomes more sophisticated and crackdowns on pro-democracy bloggers have been well publicised, find out if your website has inadvertently (or intentionally) offended the authorities in China.

Is your website blocked in China? The earleyedition is! Try it out at now:

Great Firewall of China