Burn It, Burn It All

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Jeff Jarvis recorded Michael Rosenblum at the RTNDA conference in Las Vegas recently, and since embeddable video makes it so easy… here it is, Michael Rosenblum on how better to spend the multi-million dollar salaries of star TV presenters.

I love New Media

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I really do love it. The possibilities are exciting, not only for what any single person could do in the city, but in the outback, in third world countries, in Siberia and Paris. One person, one small camera, and some editing software can go anywhere, at any time.

If New Media gets you going, and video journalism in particular, someone you should read is Rosenblum, a proponent of the VJ (video journalist) for the last 18 years – an expert.

What he argues is that quality doesn’t have to suffer when you send out a one-person crew. The VJ. A single reporter collecting vision. For a newspaper? A TV or radio station? A web-only publication? A personal blog?

Who cares? You can collect vision, and produce quality equal to that of expensive cameras and two or three-person crews, especially if you’re producing for the web.

Sure, don’t sacrifice quality just because you’re going to the web, but don’t waste your time or resources either.

On Tuesday I went out on my first story as a VJ. Myself, a camera, a tripod. The vision I got and the story I could have made, on my own, meant there can be no need for the journalist, the still photographer, and the two-person camera crew – all from the same media outlet.

What a waste! So lay off the other three and give one person the camera? Sure, if you want to diminish the quality of your news content – or you could increase your coverage by giving each one of them the freedom to go get their own stories.

My finished product on Tuesday wasn’t good for a few reasons:

  • On only my second use of the camera, I forgot one of the filtering functions I needed to press to get rid of the glare.
  • The heavy tripod had a loose leg-lock, meaning it was more of a bi-pod, which is incredibly less useful, especially when one leg suddenly retracts without warning in an attempt to dash the camera against the sidewalk.

So apart from a tripod that didn’t work, and a camera I’d only used for the second time, I remain enthusiastically convinced that single-operator VJs are the way to go.

Give me a camera. Let me practise. Send me away. I’ll show you what I can do.

Read Rosenblum – he’ll excite you about the prospect too.

Belated Birthday

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I started this blog three years and seven days ago. Happy Birthday Blog.

I refuse to give up on this blog, despite the horrendous lack of posting recently.

“Surely you could just provide links?” I hear you cry.

Here’s a relevant one:
Blogosphere boom’s pace slackens – but is beginning to fracture along cultural lines, according to the last par in that story. Interesting.

I may have also forgotten my brother’s birthday a month ago…. Happy Birthday….