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If television executives wonder why the online generation wants on-demand video, I’ll tell them.

It is because they regularly run useless game shows up to 15 minutes past their scheduled time, simply to get the viewers who tuned in expecting some other very popular show.

Trying to boost ratings for a terrible show using tactics like these only serve to anger and alienate otherwise satisfied consumers.

If the programs I wanted to watch were available in Australia via a legal, on-demand, online provider I would take that option because it’s one that isn’t forced upon me. Nor would it completely waste 15 minutes of my life.

I’m talking about Australia’s Channel Seven in particular. Desperate Housewives isn’t even a show I’m committed to watching religiously each week, but I certainly can’t stand their mind-numbingly boring game show, The Rich List. It was for good reason the US version was canceled after only one show.

Journalism Jobs

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As if there wasn’t enough evidence that online or digital media is the place to be if you’re a journalist, “U.S. media companies cut 17,809 jobs in 2006, up 88 percent over the year before” (LostRemote).

Now, what sort of a percentage of total jobs that represents I couldn’t tell you, but digital skills are essential now.

In support of that assertion, the Washington Post has 50 reporters now carrying video cameras for web content (again, get more info at LostRemote).

Howard Obama

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Not sure if this will work or not, but embedded video of Colbert’s reaction to Howard’s verbal attack on Barack Obama the other week.

More news video

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Just a quick link to Lost Remote with some more for the “video content on the web”, Newspapers vs Television debate.

Lost Remote: Behind the scenes of newspapers’ video efforts.

Then I’m off to Sydney for the weekend to see my newest niece, Jenna! Until next week.

Internship week

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I’ve just finished a week of interning with The Courier Mail’s online team.

It’s been great seeing what’s happening currently with online, as well as hearing straight from the editor’s mouth what’s planned for the future.

I’ve learned a fair bit this week, and the following are links to things I’ve either ‘published’ to the website, been able to get my name on, or actually done myself.

I spent most of the day learning about the system used for getting content online.

On my second day I was sent out to the international airport for an interview (direct mp3 link) with Bronco’s coach Wayne Bennett as the team left for England and the World Club Challenge. I recorded the interview on an iPaq PDA, and then emailed it back to the office using the bluetooth connection to the mobile phone I had with me. Once it was done sending, the online editor was able to take it straight from his email. Before I was back from the airport, he was editing it on his computer and getting it online – all before the team’s plane left the ground.

I was able to use what I’d learned on Monday, and put a story about Matt Damon online. Keep in mind I didn’t actually write this story, just got it on the website.

Another growing aspect of the online newsroom is video content. I went out on one story, and got an opportunity to do a voiceover for the 20-second video. That got my name on the end, and something for the portfolio!

Another fun thing was going out to help with some video on Friday. For a story to appear in this coming weekend’s motoring section, we went out to an old racetrack. The motor writer is currently test-driving a $300,000 Mercedes. The CLS 63 AGM. You know, not bad. It won’t be up till this Saturday, but you’ll get to see some video of the car screaming around the track. I won’t get my name on that one, but I’m not complaining!

In making a show of commitment to the cause I went in on Saturday to do some more video shooting on my own. After a quick lesson in editing with Adobe Premier and uploading to the online media player on Friday, I was flying solo (mostly) on Saturday. I went into Chinatown to film some of the Chinese New Year celebrations and then got back to the office to edit and upload the final product. Since I did it on my own I got my name on the end, but it could have been a better job. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to get better with experience.

That was my week. The ABC Online internship was uncertain, so the plan is to continue going to The Courier Mail for one day per week throughout the semester. It’s a good time to be there and a part of it, so it’s worked out well.

Media Posts

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There are several hundred posts still Uncategorised, a large number of which should come under the Media category. As of yet I haven’t had the time to properly categorise them all, hence the apparent lack of Media postings.

New York print not dead after all

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Apparently New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger is going to clarify to employees his supposed lack of concern about the continuation of a print edition of the Times.

From a pre-released excerpt of his text:

“It is my heartfelt view that newspapers will be around–in print–for a long time. But I also believe that we must be prepared for that judgment to be wrong. My five-year timeframe is about being ready to support our news, advertising and other critical operations on digital revenue alone …whenever that time comes.”

Good thing digital revenue continues picking up.

Classified Newspaper

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The world’s oldest newspaper, Sweden’s 362-year-old Post-och Inrikes Tidningar, is no longer in print. Instead, it’s now purely an online publication.

Interestingly, it will remain the world’s oldest newspaper because, according to the World Association of Newspapers, an online newspaper is still classified as a newspaper.

Still classifying them as a newspaper is probably more a matter of being respectful because, if they have no print edition, aren’t they just a website?

I say ‘just’, but online provides more possibilities than print alone.

There’s a purely online news site starting in Brisbane in the next month or two, (apparently to be called the Brisbane Times) but since it’s a Fairfax venture, it might get ‘newspaper’ billing by default.

If you’ve been printing since 1645 you get some leeway in your classification – but purely online since early 2007? You aren’t extended the same courtesy. Then again, if you’re embracing online you’re probably not too worried.

WIRED Blogs: Furthermore

The Australian: Fairfax to create net titles in capitals

Newspapers – Online Video provider of choice

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A US report was released yesterday showing newspaper sites grossed US$81 million in local video advertising compared to US$32 million for local TV sites.

Yes, the ‘owners’ of video, TV, are being beaten to the online visual punch by their print rivals.

It’s also predicted online video advertising revenue will make up one-third of ALL online ads by 2012.

It’s no surprise then that TIME Magazine is launching an in-house studio to develop online video content.

The distinction between print, radio, and television will continue to blur as they all produce similar content for online consumption.

LostRemote – Time to build a video studio
LostRemote – Newspapers beating TV sites to video revenue

ABC reorganisation

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There’s been a big shakeup at the ABC, with a new digital media strategy announced by managing director Mark Scott.

“Digital media is now integral to everything we do. It is not an add-on, it is not a novelty, it is the present reality as well as the future,” Mr Scott said.

Possibly the biggest announcement is their intention to pursue revenue through digital offerings like podcasts and video. Already one of the biggest producers of quality digital content, they have until now not charged for it. It seems they may continue to not charge for most of the material, but rather archived audio or video content would be available to download at a cost.

I mentioned some time ago that the ABC could make some revenue from their podcasts, seeing as they were some of the most popular downloaded from the iTunes Music Store. Even if downloads dropped, only one person willing to pay makes revenue the ABC otherwise would not have had.

Another big announcement, at least in my world, is the integration of ABC News Online with their news and current affairs divisions. I’m not sure how this affects my chances of a week-long internship since I had hoped to go to the ABC Online division, which is based in Brisbane. As it is, I’ll still be off at the Courier Mail for a week starting tomorrow.

The Australian: ABC to create digital earner

Crikey: Traditional content divisions the big winners in ABC shake-up

Crikey:Will the ABC now carry advertising on-line?

ABC: ABC announces digital media strategy

PDFDocumentIconABC Media Release (pdf)

No printed NYT in 5 years?

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New York Times Chairman and Publisher Arthur Sulzberger said, “I really don’t know whether we’ll be printing the Times in five years, and you know what? I don’t care either. The Internet is a wonderful place to be, and we’re leading there.”

I’m sure they will still be printing in five years, but it’s a pretty telling quote from one of the most respected papers in the world, which has also spent a great deal of time developing their web presence into one of the best online news sites.


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Tiger Airways has said they’re going to stir up some competition in Australia by entering the low-cost carrier market here.

Already famous in Southeast Asia for $1 airfares, it will be interesting to see what they offer in Australia. They already offer flights from Darwin (and now Perth) to Singapore, and then from Singapore to destinations in Thailand, China, Vietnam and The Philippines.

Admittedly their advertised online fares don’t include taxes, but you can still end up flying from Singapore to Phuket for only about AUD $45.

Since I was last at their site a few months ago it looks like a lot of fares have gone up but, when worked out then, you could get yourself to Darwin on an Australian domestic carrier and then take Tiger Airways to Singapore for about $600 less than what was being advertised for flights direct to Singapore from Brisbane or Sydney. With that in mind, having access to Tiger’s low fares within Australia would increase those savings, since they generally under-cut their competition by up to 60%.

Flying Tiger’s ready to roar – The Australian.

The Fallen

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It’s been a long time since Boyz II Men ruled the R&B boy-band scene, and I don’t think the genre is ready to conquer the international stage once more.

If it was, the Boyz wouldn’t be playing to the Suncorp Piazza next Friday night, with a seating capacity of just over 2000.


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I’m doing an internship next week with the Courier Mail’s online section. After the ABC had to move premises due to the unusually high number of women contracting cancer at their Toowong newsroom, they aren’t taking interns until after about April. Hopefully I’ll get a placement with them sometime in the second half of the semester.

I also failed to mention that I now have a shiny MEAA membership card stating I am a JOURNALIST until the middle of the year, when I will be expected to get a job and pay some dues.

News on the Web

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In an interview with the Yale Herald, New York Times Managing Editor Jill Abramson had this to say.

Some worry that the dominance of the Internet has disrupted the business model of newspapers, but I see it presenting us with a great challenge. That challenge is to publish the best newspaper in the world—which still makes a nice amount of money and has a very avid readership—but also to develop what I think is the best news site on the web, and to be terrific at both. The Internet has made us more creative and more competitive in many ways.

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