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This post has been a long time coming (six months!).

Kate offered to do ‘snacks’ for a weekend youth camp that we otherwise weren’t involved with, or attending.

We were required to provide much more food than we had initially expected, and stayed up till 1.30am finishing the cook-a-thon. This is a brief story, in pictures, of that evening.

Click here to see the full gallery, with mostly the same pictures.

The tools were ready.

The ingredients were ready.

And Ariel was getting worried about what exactly was going on.

Once we got into it there was quality melting chocolate,

and cheap melting chocolate that just looks wrong, but otherwise was great.

Once the melting had been done,

the ingredients mixed,

and cookies ready to bake,

there were beaters, spoons, and bowls aplenty to be “cleaned”. Mmmmm.

It was all a bit rich though, so some anti-sweeteners were required. Milk and pear had to suffice.

One scoop for the mix, one scoop for Dave. One scoop for the mix, one scoop for Dave.

Jam-drops (pre-cooked), fudge, and chocolate coconut slice were all there too.

The caramel slice needed a base, some caramel, and chocolate over the top!

But it just wouldn’t set in the fridge, ending up in disaster. Oh well, two caramel slices that had to be eaten with a spoon. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Of course, there’s always washing up to do to end the whole process.

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