Will you do my exam for me?

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No, I actually wouldn’t trust any of you to do my exam for me, but I just received an email from the Acting Academic Registrar. Not too long ago there was a lot of media coverage about students outsourcing their assignments to other students. I think it was mainly international students with poor English who couldn’t write university level essays, some of whom also paid their ‘tutor’ to sit their exam for them. The university is just now getting serious about making sure you don’t have your buddy writing your exam at 8am while you sleep in.

Please be advised of a change to University Rules in relation to student ID in examinations.

You must bring your current student ID to examinations.

If you do not have a current student ID card for display at an examination you will only be permitted to sit the exam if you have an alternate, acceptable form of photographic ID with you. You may also be required to have your photograph taken before sitting the examination for later verification against the University’s records. If you are permitted to sit an examination using alternate photographic ID, your work will not be assessed unless, within 48 hrs of the exam, you present to the student centre with your student ID.

Please be aware that, if you come to an examination without an acceptable form of photographic ID, you will not be permitted to sit the examination and you will not be entitled to apply for a special examination.

Mind you, the old biddys who check IDs probably wouldn’t notice if you were sitting for someone else anyway.


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I’ve mentioned YouTube a couple of times, and have just uploaded my first video to see how easy it is to share video. Having handed in my assignment on the Merovingians at about 5.30 this afternoon, I’m sitting back and just trying to relax and forget about

  1. how horrific the tripe I wrote was, and
  2. how I’m not looking forward to getting it back.

But enough of that, I just wanted to put together a really short video to put it online quickly. It still took a long time to upload on my dialup even though it’s only 44 seconds long.

It’s the duelling hakas from the 2003 World Cup. New Zealand haka vs Samoan haka.

Do it. Do it. Yo, do it.

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If you’re a Ben Stiller fan, you may have enjoyed one of his more ridiculous moments in Starsky and Hutch when he impersonates a mob boss. Then again, you might not like anything Ben Stiller does – but this is all beyond the point. I was trying to think of something other than the Nike catchphrase to express what needs to happen today.

Damn it, man! Write something, anything, and hand it in!

Lease Update

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Quick update.  We didn’t get the unit we were looking at.  There’s a possibility of a two bedroom house through a private owner that I’ll tell you about later.

Still trying to get through last assignment…

Got one of the three assignments back today that I was stressing about and I got a 6.  It’s a bit difficult to read the writing, or even how the marking finished up, but it looks like I got 78/100?  Really not sure, but it’s a really good result in terms of ‘passing’ everything, or the attempt to do so.

The assignment I’m still working on was returned to everyone else in the final lecture today. I successfully dodged – no lies – the questions about how I did, but it is a bit depressing to know I’ve still got it in front of me. Alright, have to go continue the intellectual jackhammering that is called university.

UPDATE: And I forgot to mention, the unit we applied for, and were rejected, is still listed online.


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We’ve just received notice from our property manager that our rent will be increasing by $20 per week once our lease runs out on November 17. What to do, what to do?

The rental agency wants us to advise them of our intentions by October 20th – one week from now – even though we don’t have to give notice of moving out until two weeks before the lease is up.

Moving is definitely an option, and luckily with my final exams on November 8, 14 and 15, I at least wouldn’t have to worry about the lengthy process of resettling while I still had an exam pending. Downside is that we would have to have found a place before the 17th, which is a long process and right during exams.

UPDATE:I’m breaking my self-imposed gag order for two things. First, this bit of news which will be of interest mainly to my family about our living situation, first written last Thursday. The update, and hence post, is that we’re looking at a 2-bedroom unit tonight that is about 5 minutes from where we are now. The second thing is the polls in the post below. I closed both polls after overwhelming respondents – okay, two of the three votes – detested the flash puzzle. Consequently the puzzle has also been removed so it doesn’t keep loading each time someone comes to the page. That is all – still working on assignments.

Polls closed

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Yes, the polls have closed and these are the results. The people have spoken.

[poll=2] [poll=3]


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It’s Wednesday. Two long days of upward toil have brought us to the top of the hill but we’re cresting the hump, and the weekend is in sight! It’s downhill cruising from here, another two short days remain until sweet, sweet Saturday morning. Ah, humpday, the week’s not only half done, but the pay comes in too!

So I hereby institute the Humpday Hieroglyph! Take some time out, and enjoy!

The puzzle has been deleted. Rejoice.

Here’s a poll to see what you think of the name ‘Humpday Hieroglyph’, chosen for its high probability of change. Any suggestions not covered in the poll can go in comments, and obviously the day of the week is flexible.


Impossible, I say!

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I’ll be off line for at least a few days, maybe till the end of next week, in the interests of life beyond university and bringing it about sooner rather than later. Apart from the post written last week that is waiting to be seen tomorrow, this will be the last until my current assessment nightmare is over.

To get one last link in before I go, however, I present this one from Crikey today, in which the former chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Authority, David Flint, claims “journalists have become so powerful that they rule the roost”.

No longer anonymous as they once were, many journalists now publish or broadcast with no editorial supervision whatsoever, as Lord Hutton found at the BBC. Alternatively their celebrity status can often ensure that any supervision is minimal. This was inconceivable 40 or 50 years ago. The potential for proprietorial control is just not there.

Did someone say ‘celebrity’?! Sweet! This j-gig is looking better by the hour.

And when you tell me that’s not the tone of news around here, I’ll confidently retort, “Talk to the hand! On which I have written the name that gives me authority. That’s right, it says David Flint. Read it and weep, proprietahh!!”

po·ten·tial (pə-tĕnshəl)

  1. Capable of being but not yet in existence; latent: a potential problem.
  2. Having possibility, capability, or power.
  3. Grammar. Of, relating to, or being a verbal construction with auxiliaries such as may or can; for example, it may snow.

Potential – the possibilities are endless, really.

Crikey – Media & Arts – News content is determined by journalists not proprietors: D Flint

YouTube, meet Google

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Wow, it’s actually gone through – Google buys YouTube for $1.6billion. YouTube has gone from less than 1million visitors per month in August 2005, to 19 million visitors in August 2006.

Crikey – Google buys YouTube for a cool $US1.65 billion

Pajamas Media: GoogTube!:The $1.6 Billion Boys

LostRemote – Lessons learned from YouTube

LostRemote – Details of the Google-YouTube deal

LostRemote – Google buys YouTube

Google makes video play with YouTube buy | Tech News on ZDNet

Google buys YouTube for $1.65 billion – MSNBC

BBC NEWS | Business | Google buys YouTube for $1.65bn


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Just some links to Crikey stories, already mentioned here in the last couple of days:

The world mourns Anna Politkovskaya
who was murdered “two days before she was to publish an exposé on the Chechen Prime Minister, Ramzan Kadyrov, a man close to Putin and accused of various human rights atrocities”.

The scary security implications of global warming
PM John Howard requests an ONA report on the security implications of global warming, while a two-year-old Pentagon report

painted Biblical scenes of global catastrophe costing millions of lives, with “nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting” that could erupt across the world and “bring the planet to the edge of anarchy.”

New Media

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Cory Bergman has some great posts up at Lost Remote about the ONA (Online News Association) 2006 Conference. I’ll just link you to two of them here.

Newspapers beginning to ‘get’ video – Newspaper journalists are now being trained – in only 55 minutes – how to shoot video for the web. Eat that broadcast TV!

‘Everyone in our newsroom’ wants to blog – Blogs are our friends. Lo and behold, they’re not just conniving news content thieves, but can also increase traffic to media sites.

Hit job

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An investigative journalist in Russia, critical of Putin and particularly the war in Chechnya, was assassinated yesterday.
Anti-Putin journalist killed in hit | The World | The Australian.

Serbia and Fundamentalism

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As with the post on Israel and Fundamentalism a few days ago, now it’s evangelicals supporting Serbia over Kosovo. Read more at B92, where they say “Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have joined forces with the Serbian Orthodox Church in the campaign against Kosovo independence” because it “would create a base for an extremist Islamic Jihad”.

The B92 story was based on this (much more comprehensive) Financial Times article. It seems reasonable to expect that Kosovo would be much more violent if they don’t get independence…


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This is my birthday present from my beautiful wife, Kate. It’s a copy of the Tiger operating system for Mac 10.4.6 – mentioned earlier here. For a while I’ve been looking forward to getting it, not so much for the features the operating system provides, but for the programs (free) that won’t run on the previous operating system. I already have a bunch of applications in a special “10.4+” folder patiently waiting for good use – or simply for playing – with Tiger.

But it’s still wrapped in plastic, and I have vowed not to take it out until I have completed all my assignments… I look forward to using it one day.


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Happy Birthday to me, punk.

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