Stormy the Weather Dog

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Editors often say they aren’t directly pressured by the media outlet’s owner about what stance should be taken on particular issues, but of course they’d say that. Here’s one example of the General Manager maybe just going a bit too far.

It’s Stormy the Weather Dog on CBS19, The Eye of East Texas. That’s right, Stormy. The Weather Dog.

It’s a heartwarming tale of poor puppy at Humane Society shelter rescued by the station’s General Manager. Now he takes pride of place alongside all the other anchors. It was the GM himself who came up with the brilliant idea of putting little Stormy on the weather team! He’ll begin appearing with Chief Meteorologist Doc Deason on November 3rd.

I imagine the conversation would have gone something like this:

GM: Weather dude! Because I consider you such a valuable member of my team, I’m assigning my pet dog to work with you. Follow his lead. Haha! Get it?

Chief Meteorologist: HA! HA! HA! HA-HA! That is immeasurably funny! Thank you sir. This is the most excellent plan I have ever had the pleasure of being subjected to. I look forward to working with your lap-dog. And, oh, his picture right next to mine on the website? Oh I get it, because we’re equals…*sob*.

Keep your eye out for Stormy’s appearance.

If the weather dog is wearing a sweater viewers will know they are in store for a cool weather forecast. If Stormy is dressed in a parka, those tuning in will know it is time to bundle up.

I bet everyone’s thanking their GM for this one. This is CBS19, The Butt of East Texas Jokes.

Stormy the Wonderful Weather Dog

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