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I was reading this article about a large fire at Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. Kurdish militants claimed responsibility, as they have for eight other bombings in Istanbul this year. I’m sorry, what? Perhaps I just haven’t been reading the newspaper or online news enough, but why haven’t EIGHT bombings in a major capital city in the last 5 months been reported? On average that’s the equivalent of a bombing every 18 days in New York, London, Paris – or Sydney – so far this year. But then news values of proximity (both geographical and cultural) and impact are applied to the desired audience – in this case white middle class Australia – and those previous stories are of no importance.

This latest bombing appeared in The Courier Mail – so either it was a slow news day or they deemed this fire big enough to be newsworthy.


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  1. bela says:

    thank you your information was very helpful and i shall not be taking my family to turkey.

  2. Dave says:

    I couldn’t really say, but from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), there is this travel advisory. Also, I noticed you’re from the UK, and your own government has this travel advisory, which is remarkably similar to the Australian one, and includes a long list of recent unpleasant bombs and such. So doesn’t sound too safe, but if you do decide to risk your life, make sure you visit the Hagia Sophia, and tell me all about it!!
    Emperor Justinian commissioned it to be built and it was completed Christmas 537 AD. To this day it remains the second largest dome in the world (although now a mosque, not a church), with St Peters the largest dome. I’m currently doing some late Roman Empire stuff, and this has come up several times.

    So I have no personal advice for you.

  3. bela says:

    hi can anyone tell me if it is safe to go to turkey for a family holiday? have read a bit about some boming. thinking of travaling to daleman in october please give me your advice please, thanks

  4. There are blasts in Istanbul and other Turkish cities quiet often, but usually it is a small blast in a litter bin, the trade mark of PKK, the Kurdish underground. They do not want to kill anyone, just to make noise, like ETA. You should not be worried such things do not make the headlines. Maybe if the media will ignore these things, PKK will go to negotiations. But I am just being overtly optimistic.

    Good luck against Croatia! What are your chances if you win?

  5. Bren says:

    To further push my smararseness, – that’s a link to a story that just popped up on Ha’aretz, the leading Israeli newspaper.

    By the way, I’m definitely coming to Brissy. What are you doing Friday lunchtime?

  6. Dave says:

    Sydney’s not a capital city either so, smart arseness accepted and noted, and should have just left out capital and gone with ‘major city’.

    Not sure about the other story possibility. With an assignment due tomorrow, I choose at this point in time not to investigate it, but I agree it wouldn’t make the news if bombs didn’t actually go off or kill anyone… $!#* assignment, must away.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I know I’m a smart arse, but Istanbul isn’t a capital city.

    And, as you know, I’ve a particular interest in the Middle East – including reading all the Israeli newspapers – and I didn’t know about the other bombs either. So it’s not just the Australian media.

    Maybe there’s another story here? Were there actually bombs? Did the bombs kill anyone? Almost every day a suicide bomber wannabe is caught at Israeli checkpoints, but it doesn’t make news if they don’t go off and/or kill anyone.

  8. Dave says:

    I don’t know Dan, probably. I’m not saying it wasn’t in the news. I’m saying this particular bombing was in the news, but there have been eight other bombings in Istanbul so far this year that haven’t been.

    That’s a lot of bolding on my part. By the way, not sure if it actually was a bombing or not, Turkish authorities were also claiming early on that it was just an electrical fire, nothing caused by ‘terrorists’.

  9. tango says:

    It was on the morning tv news the day it happened dave?

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