Deadly trade

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There are many good reasons not to be a journalist. This is one of them. The story points to Reporters Without Borders’ (RSF – Reporters sans frontières) tally of 63 killed to make 2005 the deadliest year for journalists in the last decade.

Also interesting is Australia’s ranking in RSF’s Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2005, where we come in 31st out of 167 countries. North Korea ranks as the worst, seven European countries (mostly Scandinavian) share first place, and the USA comes in at both 44 (American territory) and 137 (in Iraq).

And then there are the good reasons to be a journalist. Ah, I wish I had time to stand here (still without table/chairs) and write. Perhaps if I spent time writing posts offline instead of only writing when online I could go into something meaningful. Instead, again, this is all I choose to have time for.


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Few and far between are the posts in the land of dial-up internet, and for that I apologise. The laptop makes it out to the only phone connection in the kitchen infrequently, perched as it has to be between the cordless phone base and magic bean on the bar countertop (contrary to the flash animation of growing bean at that website, it now stands at 17cm – magic!). We have no couch, no dining table, no chairs – so standing here blogging, after having read some news and other blogs, can only last so long. There are the fit-balls but, I can assure you, they’re not all that comfortable.

I lied. We do have a dining table and chairs, but they’ve lived in the garage for several weeks now, waiting patiently for their stain and varnish before being allowed to take their pride of place in the unit. The first coat went on last night so it shouldn’t be too long, but I may just leave other things to write until I can sit at the table and relax.

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