Into the Future

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I write this post in the morning. I save it with the time of 9pm tonight. This is to test if it will automatically post at that time…

What will I be doing right about now? At 9pm. Well, I’ll probably be somewhere around coffee, following a sumptuous meal and dessert at a formal dinner. Unfortunately, my fiance won’t be there with me as she’ll be at work. Thus, as designated photographer, I could be taking photos right now.

But while this post is about the future, I can’t really accurately predict what I’ll be doing when this posts at 9pm tonight. The only thing to be sure of is that this post WILL indeed be here. Everything else is a mystery.

Terror Threat announcement

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The Prime Minister’s terror threat announcement the other day, used to fast-track controversial new powers into effectiveness, is now causing divisions between the government, ASIO, and police.

It’s reported here at

Essentially the same story appears at The Australian, but the two differ slightly. makes reference to Ruddock in the last three pars, specifically his refusal to comment that specific infrastructure sites in Sydney and Melbourne may be known targets. The Australian story does not include that.

Navigation Bar

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Thanks to Josh at for the navigation bar above. Just need to point out not all the links go anywhere at this point. Leave any comments here as to what you would like the Frequently Asked Questions page to cover. I know the first to be answered will be, “What’s your problem? Do you not know how to spell early?”

Wait in excited anticipation for the answer to my Frequently. Asked. Question!


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It’s only for the mac, but kind of funny. I haven’t downloaded it to try, but the name alone is worth a post. It’s Simbabwe 1.3

where the property is already owned and the houses built and you compete to burn and dispossess them. Plunder farms, deny grain silos to opposition supporters, rig elections, gaol opponents and taunt the Commonwealth as you use intimidation and stooges to create a mugaboly on power.

It’s Civilization, only in reverse.

UPDATE: I may not have been clear there. It’s a simple computer game. I’ve now played it, and subsequently been exiled from Zimbabwe because all my stooges and ‘war veterans’ turned against me. It’s like monopoly but, instead of buying and developing property, you seize it and burn houses and hotels to extract more money from opponents who land on said properties.

Be careful what you think

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Terror threat sparks law rush

Ah, that’s why the last link was mangled, because I had to login first. This one’s all good.

This really irks me. The government announces a specific threat requiring these anti-terrorism measures to be rushed through. I hate being a conspiracy theorist, but I am. It just seems all too convenient, allowing the government to push through laws which are beyond the pale.

And the title of the post comes from this excerpt from the story

The amendment means people can be charged even if they are only considering carrying out a terrorist act, but have not yet decided when or where.

Or even if they’re going to do it. I’ve considered punching people in the face before, but haven’t done it. Should I have been detained for premeditated assault?

It just makes me angry. And angry that expressing that frustration or anger could theoretically have me detained for harbouring or promoting ill-will towards the government or the prime minister.

UPDATE: I felt, on rereading hours later while falling asleep at my desk, some of that could be said differently. It’s not that the laws themselves are a terrible idea if we really need to protect ourselves, but they are open to incredible abuses of power. That’s why these new terror laws are ‘beyond the pale’. While the current government may in all sincerity promise not to abuse the power they wield, do they control every administrator of that power? Technically, yes. Realistically, no. While technically every law enforcement agency and all personnell may be government employees, they can’t all be controlled centrally. That’s enough from me. can’t stay awake any longer. Top alQaeda operative escaped

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Something tells me this link isn’t going to work… From my bookmarklet, or bookmark that opens up a new post window for WordPress. It seems to have mangled that link.

Here it is again if the first one doesn’t work.

An interesting part of the article…
This ‘top al Qaeda operative’ was captured in 2002 by Indonesian authorities. In Indonesia. And he escaped from Bagram. That’s in Afghanistan. I guess, may as well give him the best opportunity to hook up with the guys he trained with in the first place.

Welcome to my dot com

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If you’re subscribed to my blog via my feedburner feed, this should reach you without any problems at all. That feed, by the way, is

This is the unveiling of my dot com. That’s right, I’m off Blogger, and into the big time. The pantheon of stars. The coolest thing about this blog is not the writing, but hopefully it will become the coolest thing. The coolest thing is that Earley Edition image up the top there. The background is a cut from a pic of mine. Are you looking at it and thinking, “So?”

Well, how about hitting refresh? Go ahead. Try it.

No, really.

Okay, back? Yeah, baby. You may still be thinking, “That photo is no better,” but at least it’s a different average pic! At the moment there are about 55 different backgrounds or variations of the same background, so knock yourself out! More to be added later.

That said, the blog was blogger. This blog is WordPress, hosted on my own stinkin’ site, footloose and fancy free. Not sure entireley what that means, but we’ll go with it.

For my launch post, let me just reiterate that it’s good to have you here.
My name is Dave Earley. Thanks for joining me.

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