Me+Guus Hiddink=TIGHT

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Guus and me are tight - his personal email to me proves my input guides his every decision.

Dear Guus,

I was happy to receive your email this morning thanking me for my help in getting the Socceroos to the World Cup finals in Germany next year. I appreciate your acknowledgement of all the hard work I put into this campaign. From the early morning watching the first leg in Montevideo to the thrilling penalty shoot-out back in Sydney four days later, I was there for you.

I note your jovial expression in the picture that accompanied your email. Hoho, a laugh with the boys! Isn’t life grand? I am glad I could put that smile on your face. And Guus, my dear friend, fear not – you and the team can expect more of the same support from me as preparations are made for the World Cup. After all, it has been acknowledged that I am the deciding factor.

Besides, we may now have the opportunity to beat those miserable Poms 3-1 again, but this time in real international competition rather than a friendly. And that is a scenario at which I salivate.

Your good pal,

Dave Earley.

[Click on the pic to read the whole email Guus sent me.]

Dancing Queen

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In the same vein as the lip syncing Chinese students we have another video, this time of Korean karaoke. The girl busting a move looks like she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with. Thanks to Dan Tobin for the link – you can see a pic taken from the movie there. I’m going to try and link directly to the video, so you may be able to right click and download from here. Or you may just have to buffer/stream it (WindowsMedia).

UPDATE: My skills are honed. That link is direct to the movie file, so you can save it to hard drive and enjoy over, and over, and over, and over again. Go death metal Money.


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Working till 2am is alright for the money. Still being awake at 4.20am is, while having nothing to do with money, not okay.


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Not having handed in two assessments, I finished up my journalism news writing course 1.5 marks short of a pass. I have to submit another story within the week to make up enough marks for that pass. At the moment I’m trying to find some decent story I can whip up, so if anyone has any story ideas, send ’em along! This is Dave, hard at work (…), signing off.


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I wrote this on the 17th, while on the coast, exhausted at about 1am. For some reason I thought I needed to write poetry…. This is what I didn’t come up with.

Poetry flows.
Mine doesn’t.
Mind blocked,
no ideas,
i write gibberish.
A long, unbroken line breaks things up but makes not a lot of sense.
Call this poetry?
Poetry flows.
Mine does.
Mind opened –
Spewing gibberish.
Sense of lot a not makes, but up things break – a line unbroken, long.
Makes sense to me.
It flows.

Not long now

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We paid the bond, signed the lease, picked up the keys and started moving Kate’s things into our unit-to-be. Kate will live there as of now, but I’ll move in after the wedding, so it’s not really our unit until then.

Back from the coast and working tonight. Trying to earn more money before I get married so we can go on our honeymoon. Not really, but so we can pay for everything we need to cover before then. As I write this, it’s 25 days, 14 hours and 38 minutes until our wedding starts. But it’s also now 7 minutes until I have to start work tonight, so again I’m on the run. Catch you all later.

Germany 2006

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Australia’s going to the World Cup! Yeah baby. Still on the coast, living it up. Went for a run by the beach this morning…it’s a tough life.


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Well, here I am on the coast. In about an hour we’ll mosey on up to Brisbane to visit the doctor, then hopefully we’ll have time to get back here for the soccer, AUSTRALIA v URUGUAY! Yes, it’s on. Recoba, one of Uruguay’s best, has been quoted saying Uruguay have the “divine right” to be in the World Cup. Arrogant much? Yes, they may be the better team, but I think divine right may be pushing the issue. Anyway, looking forward to that.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their week. Me? Oh very much, thanks for asking. I’ll probably fail one of my French classes, but everything else is looking okay at this exact moment in time. Until inspiration collides again, adios.


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I have my last exam for this year in 8.5 hours. Then I’m off to the beach with Kate for a week. More of this. Less, hopefully, of that in the bottom right corner.

We found a place to live when we get married, and Kate will be moving in next week when we get back from the coast. Viva las marriage.

Put yourself in this picture


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You may not have been aware, but Liberia (west Africa) heads into presidential run-off elections today. The candidates are GeorgeWeah, former international soccer star and…someone else. The link is to his official website but be warned, it has an embedded campaign ad video on the front page. Narrated by Denzel Washington, no less! If my ears do not deceive me.

The other candidate is Liberia’s former finance minister, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. So you have a popular football player, and an old-school, upper-crust, Western-educated member of the elite. In the old days the opposition candidate would have been a communist, representing the ‘people’. The educated upper class would have consequently been supported by the CIA, and much oppression would result. I guess a populist ‘people’s man’ isn’t so threatening when he’s a sportsman. Still, I’m sure the Liberian elite can’t believe they’re about to lose their grasp on power to an uneducated jock.

In the words of ‘King’ George Weah,

I challenge all Liberians to be the best in all their endeavors, to exhaust the fullness of their potential and to build a society defined by a new sense of mission, a country we all will be proud to leave with posterity.

Long live the king. And no, I’m not linking to Ellen because I haven’t searched on her. So sue me.

About Face

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Last week the Australian government’s announcement that an immediate terrorist threat made it necessary to rush through anti-terror laws was met with not a little skepticism. The Australian media made it obvious they were prepared to burn the government, and badly, if they didn’t back up that announcement.

So from The Australian newspaper, again (I really should expand my Australian RSS list), we have these headlines from their senior political correspondents.

A right balance
Leaders did right
Critics lose face

Hail to the chief. Not that I disagree that they did the right thing, but why wait till NOW to go after these guys they’ve been investigating for over 12 months?

I’m slowly discovering (and re-discovering) some Australian political blogs, and one is by John Quiggin, who has a post on the subject.

Terrorist raids in Australia

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I’m just going to link these stories, with the headlines they give. It’s one of those times I’d like to ‘follow’ the story today, but you know, there are exams to be had. If you’re interested, I’m sure there are other places you can link to today. Maybe at some point I’ll try and come up with a list of Australian bloggers talking about this. Here goes.

Police terrorism raids – (a summary)

Police shoot man in western Sydney –

Muslim cleric ‘among raid arrests’ – The Australian

400 police in anti-terror raids – The Australian

Residents shocked at terror raids

Uruguay v Australia

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I can’t say I feel too sorry for the Uruguayan soccer team. Four years ago they denied Australia a spot in the World Cup amidst some controversy over the Australian team bascially being assaulted on arrival in Uruguay. Of course that incident has been brought up again, with leading members of Uruguays soccer fraternity accused of orchestrating it.

In the last few weeks leading up to this Saturday night’s game, the off-field antics have heated up. Australia refused Uruguay’s request to play the first leg in Montevideo a day earlier than originally scheduled. Uruguay announced they would delay the kick-off time by four hours, starting the match at 9pm. It looked like an attempt to strand the Australians in Uruguay for another 24 hours post-match because neither team would have any chance of making the only flight out of South America to Australia at 10pm. When the Uruguayan team chartered their own flight to set off for Australia immediately after the game, it seemed they had their revenge.

But, as The Australian reports, the Uruguayan’s charter has fallen through, and now they’re desperately trying to reschedule back to a 5pm kickoff, so they can make the 10pm flight out of Chile. Funny thing is, Australia organised their own charter flight with Qantas, and are now under no obligation to accept Uruguay’s rescheduled kickoff, which would leave them stranded at home for another 24 hours.

UPDATE: It seems FIFA have allowed the rescheduled kick-off. I hope Australia keeps their charter flight, even though they could make the flight out of Chile. Two reasons. 1. Everyone can stretch out, sleep, and relax with only their teammates to disturb them. 2. The possibility of other passengers disturbing them won’t include the opposition.

How much would that suck, spending 12 hours in a confined space looking across first class at the guys you’ve learned to hate thanks to the high politics of football taking place? Not to mention they may have just thrashed you in a fiery and physical on-pitch battle.

Chinese lip-syncing

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It’s a video of two chinese students, recorded on a PC camera, lip-syncing to the Backstreet Boys “I want it that way”.

BSB-I want it that way – Google Video

Amusingly choreographed for sitting in front of a computer in a dorm/internet cafe.

I almost killed myself before getting to the end. I knew there was a reason I had never listened to a BSB song in its entirety.

40 days and 40 nights

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Well, 41 nights. Until Kate and I get hitched. Saying it like that reminds me of the cake I suggested.

We’ve gone with a small wedding cake that looks like your traditional white marble with fruitcake. Instead of fruitcake, we’ve got a chocolaty thing underneath. Marvel at my culinary knowledge.

I lost my vote for the fisherman atop the cake, reel bending under the pressure, with lure caught in the bride’s mouth and What a Catch!! written in icing. We dare to dream.

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