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My recent spate of heavy blogging with short posts, mainly containing links, was fun while it lasted. As Bren said, it’s a totally different direction from the personal space purchase cialis in china that this blog has been, and so it didn’t really feel like this was where it belonged. Also, it did take up a lot of my time. When I get my .com up and running I may incorporate that in a seperate section of the site, for two reasons:

1. I actually enjoyed relaying the news I’m reading/find interesting.
2. Going on visitor numbers alone, so did other people.

I saw record highs on my sitemeter three days running. That’s probably more a consequence of non-stop posting more than anything else. Return visits is a different matter, but that would get a start. Anyway, so it seems it may be a good ‘strategy’ at some point, and something I’m thinking about.

That said, I’m very busy this week with uni, so from here on out will be trying to stay away from the blogging as much as possible.

What’s on? Final week of classes. French speaking final Thursday morning; three news stories by Friday noon; one television reader-voice-over script by Friday 5pm; French written, already overdue, to hand in if possible.

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