For what, my dear friends?

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That’s right. For what do we do it? What could it be?

Is it for a chance at eternity? Or the guarantee?

Maybe I could write a poem. And give it to you
For free.

It’s a strange thing, responsibility. And I hadn’t even planned for that one to rhyme. Ah well.

There’s always time. Time.
Time for a different course.

there is no time.

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Uh, I guess I should say hi to the


people, and counting, who have linked here this morning thanks cialis canada if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link1″).style.display=”none”;} to GoogleBlog’s reverse link! To those few regulars, I’m referring to a section at the bottom of their blog post page that shows anyone who has in turn linked back to them…

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It’s the Dilbert Blog
and the Official Google Blog.

Huzzah. us pharmacy and lasix I have two hours to hand in a feature story. I skipped out on my french exam yesterday, and I have a monster to hand in by 7.30pm, since I work at 8. Huzzah!

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Watch out. It’s the return of ye olde titled post.

Blogging. Why do we tennessee online pharmacy propecia do it?

I’d be happy to hear your thoughts. It’s because I just saw someone’s description of their podcast in the iTunes Music Store and thought, “He’s really trying, but who cares? Who’s going to listen?”

And then I thought, some of us are blogging because in some way we see it going somewhere. But who cares to read it?

I need focus and clarity to my raison de blog, if you like.

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From Belinda Weaver at journoz, this link to canadian online pharmacy cialis the Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005.

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From Lost a proposed shield law that could protect not just journalists, but also bloggers who gather original news.

Shield laws are related to my story on whistleblowers and Helen Ester, where some people should be protected from prosecution in certain circumstances, like the leaking of sensitive documents that are cheap viagra online relevant to the public interest.

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I hadn’t blogged this because I didn’t know what to say, not because I didn’t think it was important, or that she’s not worth remembering.

Rosa Parks, civil rights heroine, is dead.

TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people. – 1996 interview with Rosa Parks.

Wikipedia entry – if you don’t know anything about Rosa Parks, I quote from levitra professional overnight delivery this wiki entry (which may lead you to read more, or remind you of the situation, but didn’t know who had done it.

Rosa Louise Parks (February 4, 1913–October 24, 2005) was an African American seamstress and figure in the American Civil Rights Movement, most famous for her refusal in 1955 to give up a bus seat to a white man who demanded her seat.

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This seems to be what I’ve been missing out with my posts about Australian iTunes Music Store.

The openning catalogue exceeds 1 million tracks, it appears Sony BMG are still holding out. Songs are priced at $1.69 per track and $3.39 per video, with most albums going for $16.99.

First off, there’s also Singles of the Week, a free single download each week. This week it’s Shadowland by Youth Group. I just downloaded it. Great song, and I was also interested to see the sound quality you get. I know, to international readers this may be old hat, but for us in Australia, this is all spanky new. Allow me the indulgence.

So the sound quality, which I assume goes for all music coming down the pipeline from iTunes, is a bit rate of 128kbps, sample rate 44.1 kHz, making it 3.8mb for a 3min 35sec song.

Some price comparisons:

Sarah Blasko’s album Overture and the Underscore online viagra , with 11 songs, sells for $19.99 on CD.
iTunes Music Store (iTMS) Australia? $11.99

Ben Lee’s album Awake Is the New Sleep, with 14 songs, sells for $24.99 on CD.
iTMS Australia? The $16.99 standard for an album.

Missy Higgins’ album Sound of White, with 13 songs, sells for $19.99 on CD
iTMS Australia? $21.97
Why the difference? Because iTMS Australia doesn’t let you buy the whole album, instead having to purchase individual songs for $1.69 each. This is a drawback. Why would you pay more?

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Not doing so buy viagra well at staying away from the blogging today…

Press Release from Apple
Apple Launches iTunes Music Store in Australia

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iTunes – do you use it? It’s the music player program for your PC (or Mac, for those of us who have converted) that allows inbuilt purchasing for music online. With the release of iTunes4.9 on June 28, the ability to directly download podcasts through the iTunes Music Store was made available. The most recent releases have added video to that capability.

To get a podcast online you don’t have to have it in the iTunes podcast directory, but it certainly gives it more publicity. The problem was that unless you had a credit card linked to an iTunes Music Store country’s bank (eg in the US, UK, France) you couldn’t make an iTunes account, hence couldn’t purchase music from iTunes or submit a podcast to their directory.

Well, the big news is that today, we officially have iTunes Music Store Australia. That’s right, as of today you, the average Australian, can more easily purchase music online. Also, Ashgrove would be able to submit a podcast of our sermons to the iTunes directory, if we were ready to. There is an official announcement sometime today, but the store itself is already open. Naturally I already have an account, otherwise I wouldn’t be so hyper about it.

So that’s my big long post. As an aside, check this out. I’ve been keeping an unofficial track of the number of podcasts available in different categories in iTunes. Some categories had subcategories, like Religion and Spirituality had seven subs, one of which was Christianity. Sometime in the last two weeks iTunes removed any subcategory distinctions, so now you can’t specifically tell which were tagged Christian as opposed to New Age cheap viagra from uk or Philosophy.

But until they removed those subcategories, what was the largest single categorisation of podcasts available worldwide through the iTunes Music Store? That’s right, Christian ones. On October 10th there were 1,045 different Christian podcasts available, beating out the generic Audio Blogging category by only 44 available podcasts (991).

Today, the Religion and Spirituality category sits on an even 1500 podcasts out of 14,719 available. While this is only those podcasts available in iTunes, I think 15,000 podcasts (which it will hit in the next week) is a fairly good sample to base an emerging trend on.

How’s all that for your useless bits of information for the day? Glad I could oblige.

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Anyone who has iTunes installed, check it out. iTunes Music viagra canada store comes to Australia!

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My recent spate of heavy blogging with short posts, mainly containing links, was fun while it lasted. As Bren said, it’s a totally different direction from the personal space purchase cialis in china that this blog has been, and so it didn’t really feel like this was where it belonged. Also, it did take up a lot of my time. When I get my .com up and running I may incorporate that in a seperate section of the site, for two reasons:

1. I actually enjoyed relaying the news I’m reading/find interesting.
2. Going on visitor numbers alone, so did other people.

I saw record highs on my sitemeter three days running. That’s probably more a consequence of non-stop posting more than anything else. Return visits is a different matter, but that would get a start. Anyway, so it seems it may be a good ‘strategy’ at some point, and something I’m thinking about.

That said, I’m very busy this week with uni, so from here on out will be trying to stay away from the blogging as much as possible.

What’s on? Final week of classes. French speaking final Thursday morning; three news stories by Friday noon; one television reader-voice-over script by Friday 5pm; French written, already overdue, to hand in if possible.

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While looking for WordPress blog themes, came across this from A List Apart: Articles: Never Get Involved in a Land War in Asia (or Build a Website for No Reason).

Talks about how, just like any business model, a good website or even a blog (if you’re looking to make canadian pharmacy something of it), should have a clear objective, preferably one line, which is focused by a short, simple strategy. And you should never go into designing a website without those two things.

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Took this outside Toowoomba, just sitting in the corner of a paddock by the order viagra road.

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UPDATE: I’m reposting some old podcasts buy orlistat so they’re current, as I’ve just submitted my feed for consideration in the Australian iTunes Music Store. That said, you’ve probably already listened to these. Next to them I’ll put their original posting date.

Earley Edition Podcast

(12:20, 3mb)

purchase discount cialis online

It’s a podcast! I’m toying with the idea of using a less intrusive podcast icon, such as this one… That other one I was using was, well, big. But since saving this as a draft I’m no longer toying with the idea. Kate likes it. I like it. You like it. Yes, you do.

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