Journalism Students Revolt?

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Well, I feel compelled to post it now that I’ve seen it. I don’t know how journalism students found out about it, except by word of mouth, but even The Australian newspaper picked it up earlier this week. An anonymous student at UQ’s School of Journalism has started a blog, whats wrong with the j To be fair, he’s also started the blog whats right with the j

How do I know this anonymous blogger is a ‘he’, canadian viagra generic you may well ask. One of the commenters names him by first name. Heck, why not go out on a limb and name him here, saving you the trouble of searching through the blog itself. It’s Cameron. I know only one in the course, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

As someone said to me today,

Why be anonymous? Surely it would make a better story if you said you were failing because you criticised the journalism department, rather than because they’re not teaching you.

I would be surprised, however, if Cameron is failing, or doing particularly badly. I’m not sure if he’s changed his tune, but his latest post from this morning says,

To all who have suggested something be done regarding this issue, nothing more can be done on these blogs. Your motivation dictates the future. Not somebody elses. If you really want to make a change, go for it.

True, and so the ineptitude or not of the j-school should have no bearing on whether or not we get jobs. It was always up to our own hard work and initiative.

Quest Community Newspapers

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I assume this is meant to be amusing, but I’m wondering if it’s even supposed to be on their website. It’s on the front page under General News.
Former Labor leader attacks whole world. From City News, a Quest Newspaper in Brisbane.

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School reunion

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Showing my age here, but my 10-year school reunion is on next year. Not the high school I graduated from in Australia. Piffle! No, the school I went to in Papua New Guinea, where I was actually only in the high school for 7th Grade. In my defense/defence (?) crap… defence! In my defence, however, I was there for almost all of primary school, which was all the same people. We have a mailing list for the whole group, ’96 Nius!, and it’s been active the last few days with people talking about the organisation for the reunion around July next year. I finally sent an update to our that list, something I probably haven’t done for 12 months, to let them all know I was engaged.

And so, to the point of this post. It’s not unusual someone may receive congratulations on an engagement from a previous girlfriend or boyfriend. Unless of course they were so in the 4th Grade. Then I think it’s unusual, and extraordinary, that you even know each other.

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On the run (again)

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On my weekends away at Kate’s parent’s place on the Gold Coast I sleep with Kermit by my head. He holds onto the bedpost for dear life, and threatens to nibble on my ear.

I also like to take pictures, as always. Usually closeups of flowers because that’s not difficult and the result is usually pleasing to the senses, although in the 232 photos of flowers I have in iPhoto, I may know one is a lily…maybe. I would be dead if my life depended on telling you what the others were, including this kind. One with a tiny inchworm on it. Sometimes a quick crop will do nicely too.

That’s about it for now. As for me, I’m off to bed so I can get up in the morning to watch Liverpool vs Chelsea in the Champion’s League. It doesn’t get much better than that… If I disappear off the face of the earth, don’t worry, they can only hold me for 14 days without charging me. I think I may soon go into the offical black books if a story about police brutality I’m doing gets printed… not that it’s fully about police brutality. Let me say openly to all law enforcement agencies out there that I don’t accuse all cops of police brutality with any kind of blanket coverage. No, police are great. I love them. They protect me, they take people to jail who should go, they make people drive at speeds that keep me and my (future) children relatively safe etc. But as in all groups in society, there are some that aren’t so cool. And anyone in society who is doing something illegal should not be exempt from, or above, the law. This was the talk I had prepared in my head for when someone accuses me of being another liberal journalist just taking any opportunity to paint authority figures in a bad light, like it’s all their fault. Not at all, and I’ve never done that.

You don’t hurt authority by questioning how it is used, you ensure its legitimacy by doing so. And by this I don’t mean journalists are the be-all and end-all of this right to question authority. Journalists have always simply been the citizens who ask the questions, but are at the same time in the unique position of also having the means to print/broadcast the answers to those questions. Particularly in this age of citizen journalism (blogging, podcasting, video and camera phones) that divide between those who can and cannot publish is being crossed. I am a citizen who has a right to ask questions, has a right to try and find out what is going on. Call me a journalist if it suits you, but don’t deny me my rights as a citizen.

Hm. Liverpool took a wild tangent there, sorry about that. Anyway, I’m off.

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Radio News Package

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Earley Edition Podcast
This is the final polish of the interview I did. I’ve added a few things to the front and end of what I actually submitted for assessment, but there you have it. For anyone who knows, I had to submit text of intro and cart, but only audio of cart. Here’s the text of what I submitted.

Alright, off to the magistrate’s courts today for a story. See you all soon!

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Back from holiday. Just quickly throwing these things out there because I need some help

  1. Skype – I’m trying to configure Skype to record straight into Garageband (or other similar/better audio recording software for the purpose of online voice interviews. I’ve seen some stuff but am yet to get it to work. Specifically, I can’t find a step-by-step guide I saw a few months ago that dealt with Skype to Garageband specifically.
  2. Does anyone know how to make an iPod function as a storage device that will work in both Macs and Windows-based computers? I thought I had enabled it on my mac, but when I went and tried to use it on PCs at university it wasn’t recognised, and asked if I wanted to format my external storage device in FAT32 format or something. I didn’t because I didn’t know whether or not that would end up being a bad thing for the iPod as a whole, and didn’t want to lose the files I HAD transferred onto it.
  3. Quick links. Because I hardly have time to read these, but I really want to, maybe after putting these links here I can shut all the tabs and unclutter my desktop. These are all the websites I have open in tabs at the moment, with plans to read in full. Some are read and awaiting posting here, but this will have to do.

Alright, there’s a big storm rumbling through, and I’ve been trying to rush this post so I can unplug everything. Take care, see you soon. Oh yes, and help with 1. and 2. above would be appreciated.

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Dual podcast

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Earley Edition Podcast

It’s been 50 hours since I uploaded this file at my usual host and it’s still not showing up yet. I got sick of waiting and so, here it is. Me and Dan working the microphone earlier this week.

I still do have several podcasts to also put together of some engagement stuff. That will be early next week. Yes, as I post this there are 84 days, 7 hours and about 22 minutes until I get married!

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Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

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Reporters sans fronti̬res РHandbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

Haven’t read the whole thing as I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open…but I like what I’ve glanced at, and will go with my news story about blogging/podcasting/new media and their encroachment on traditional media (at least for some of us, like you if you’re reading this). Alright, a hot shower and a bed for me.

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Ton a'

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I thought that was my last post for the night, but sitting in front of the computers right now, the want for sleep suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh sweet bed o’ mine, in about 6 hours I shall be thine… dang, sleep is kind of cool. My eyes think so too. I’m drifting, but starting work in 25 minutes so that should do it for me. Till next time.

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Thanks for the Memories

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It’s been a strange day. About an hour and a half sleep for both myself and Kate, but she got her assignment done, I got one of mine done… sweet. Thanks to Dan for his generous offer to help me write/finish either my radio or print news stories, when I was clearly beyond help.
So the good news, I completed and submitted my radio news story. I didn’t even think to send it to myself so I could upload it here, the finished version. That will have to wait until next week. Next week?


Kate and I will go down the coast until Tuesday morning, at which point I’ll drive her straight in to work in the city while I book it on over to get some 9.30 to 5’ish action in at the school of journalism newspaper. Probably some sucking up needs to be done if I’m going to pass, but got talking to one of the ‘editors’ in there today, as that’s where I was writing radio story and we were the only two in room. He asked what I was working on, liked the premise of the story and said I should submit it as it’s the sort of thing that would go front or page two… Results, ay? I’ll give YOU stinkin’ results.

So now it’s off to a fun-filled 5 hours of work… For the 7th post of the day this has been a particularly long one. I’m fired up. Raring to go. I’ve got stories to write, French to learn, my wedding to arrange, my wife to marry, and myself to frame for it.

Not really, but I thought I could continue in the theme of nerd with a bit of Princess Bride.

And the Band Played On

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This has been a prolific blogging day. 5 posts since 2am, and make this the 6th. What more lies in wait for you? Well, perhaps good news about assessment being completed once I stop blogging. Until then.

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Dear Friends

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Update: Am now resigned to the fact I can not hand in written story on time (noon – 10 minutes away), so will focus on radio (due at midnight). Problem? Unless I am granted some sort of exemption I will fail my print journalism subject.

What’s that?

I hear you say

The same print journalism subject you failed LAST year?

The very one, dear friends. But I am slightly confident of being granted said extension/exemption when I do hand in all necessary stories highlighting my sweet skills.

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Kiss my awesome

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I am resigned to the fact my radio story, in its awesome form, is destroyed and I’ll have to rewrite it all.  But I can’t do that now, seeing as I have a print story to write in 3 hours.  Let’s see, awesome radio story somehow took 6 hours.  Print story?  No sweat.  And so I depart for university, armed with all the tools of the trade

  • iRiver, for voice recording when punks are just mucking around in the radio booth
  • iPod, for big data transfer if can’t access N: drive via WiFi (and since iRiver doesn’t work as flash drive, but ONLY works with iRiver Music Manager, nice)
  • ear-bud headphones.
  • dodgy old-style PC microphone.
  • 3.5mm stereo plug (two way) – for quick’n’easy straight to cooleditpro transfer.
  • Compaq laptop for cooleditpro software.
  • iBook for WiFi connection and extra I’m-a-tryhard-techy-nerd look.
  • Red Frogs & Jersey Caramels definitely coming with.
  • digital camera – unnecessary, but why not make it the whole package?
  • Screw it, this day calls for unashamed nerdity, bring on the Mac Daddy.
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Conga line of suckholes

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I could break something.  Working on windows, but off files saved on the iBook (which Kate is working on).  For no logical reason I put the iBook to sleep while Kate took a nap.  Next time tried to save the windows system couldn’t find the networked folder on iBook so Word threw a hissy fit and shut down. Auto recovery then freaked out for some unknown reason and returned me lots of empty square boxes.  Thanks Bill, thanks a lot.  I lost 30 minutes of good, dare I say Awesome, work… Now I’m screwed because I have no idea what I wrote, what I’m reading from the last save doesn’t stir any memories that it may in any way resemble what I last had, it’s 5.30 in the morning and I haven’t slept.

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The sweet taste of success

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Black Forest Cherry Tim-Tams, Lime Coke ($1.50/2L), Jersey Caramels, Red Frogs, Corn Chips and Savoury Shapes make for a night of fun.  Kate’s not going for the Coke as much as me, so it was no wonder I had a full “Yabba-dabba-doo” in that last burp.  Yeah, baby!  Marriage? It’s forever.

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