Spam Blogging

I love these spam blogs, whose entire purpose is to advertise useless products in a humorous way. Take this one for example – Loss some weight online. Everything about how to loss some weith online. Cool, I’m in! I come across them fairly often using blogger’s “Next Blog” button (top right). That button takes you to recently published blogs. Last year when I was messing with my template quite a lot, and republishing often, I managed to get a lot of “Next Blog” traffic. I’m assuming these spam blogs work on the same principle, which is why I run into them so often.

UPDATE: When continuing “Next Blog”ging from this example, no fewer than five in a row were spam blogs.

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It’s over a week old, but since I only just listened to this podcast by Steve Robinson from the Discovery space shuttle, I thought I’d share it with you. Not sure if it qualifies as a podcast, seeing as it’s not a regularly updated podcast from outer space, but merely a single mp3 file of a dude talking in space. Anyway, that’s cool enough say I.

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Who said test match cricket isn’t exciting? With Australia playing for the draw, England needed one wicket to win the Third Test of the 2005 Ashes series. After a brilliant 156 from man-of-the-match Ricky Ponting, Lee and McGrath kept Australia’s final wicket intact, giving them both the result they wanted and the psychological edge going into the next match.

The crowd was seething, screaming, cheering like mad Englishmen in the sun for the entire day’s play. Now they’re walking out of Old Trafford not just disconsolate, but dead silent. They shouldn’t lose confidence in their players. England deserved to win but, as when going loopy over Tim Henman’s chances, their fans should be wise enough by now to never celebrate too early. Disappointment hurts. At least Australia spared their hearts by not pulling it out and winning it at the end, still a possibility when 80+ runs were needed off 76 balls and Warne was at the crease.

The Ashes remains tied at 1-1.

Read the real news here.

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