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The to-do list has made a comeback in my ‘organised’ life. I’ve found it helpful when I do what needs to be done, but sometimes I don’t like to know what I haven’t done… Things are getting out of hand however, when the last four days have included a leftovers-from-saturday dot point as a to-do item. Tomorrow is Friday, and hopefully last weekends leftovers will be done by the time another weekend rolls around. Leftovers made me think of food and, without giving you a picture of a half-finished plate of food, I thought of this pic, which is as good as.

In the news

  • NEW ANTI-TERROR UNIT REVEALED – The first ever operation of this new special forces unit? Shooting an innocent Brazilian eight times at close range, primarily in the head. Good start.
  • NEW PRESIDENT FOR IRAN – Mahmood Ahmadinejad is now the man in Iran. While I am a poet, I am sure it was also music to Ayatollah Khamenei’s ears to hear his speech “punctuated by cries of “Death to America, Death to Israel” from regime officials at the ceremony”. Ahmadinejad also “indicated that he is ready to work with any country that does not show animosity towards Iran”. Because wanting death for Americans and Israelis is in no way a threatening gesture.
  • saturday leftovers
  • AUST HOME TO TERROR SUSPECTS – Up to 60 suspected Islamic extremists are being ‘watched’ in Australia. It’s a fine line between rights and protection, but the blame will fly thick and fast if any of those being watched actually DO anything. As Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty says, ““We are not focused on the Islamic community per se.” No, just completely as the term we used, Islamic extremists, would indicate

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Baseball star banned for steroids

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Yeah, for 10 days!! That’ll teach him. When young people see steroid use as more acceptable, and necessary, for sporting or physique accomplishment, a ten day ban is not going to dissuade them from that idea.

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In bypassing the Senate to appoint John Bolton as US envoy to the UN, George W. claims he was forced to do so by “shameful delaying tactics” on the part of Democrats.

I would have thought it was the White House employing delaying tactics when “citing executive privilege, also refused Senate Democrats’ calls for records” in relation to his intimidation of subordinates who did not agree with his views on security matters.

Also, it has been claimed the military commissions to try prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are rigged, with “juries selected to ensure conviction”.

This is a pic of a friend in Iowa as we went ‘road-hunting’. When reading the Bolton stories, this pic immediately came to mind as somehow appropriate. “You in there UN? I’m a comin’ to git’ ya!”

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I’m putting together a CD of pictures for some Korean friends who leave to go home tomorrow. I forgot I still had to do that, so thought I’d share with you (as I am wont to do as of late) one of the pictures I will be including on the CD – something to remember Australia by.

Also, Jose Mourinho is an idiot.

I’ve decided to go with the small photo today in the blog. The picture image in this one never was great anyway at full size, which you’ll probably notice if you click on it.

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