iPod battery

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Stinkin’ apple. I think they’re trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Anyone who owns an iPod, be aware. The first, or even second, time your iPod turns off and says “No battery power remains”, just try turning it back on a few times.

After getting this message I simply turned my iPod back on. It turned itself off again, I turned it back on. Repeat this process one more time, and now I have pulled another five hours, minimum, battery life from my iPod mini (and it’s still going as I write this). This is not the first time this has happened. If Apple thinks they can make me buy another iPod because my battery degenerated too quickly, they’ve got another thing coming I’ll tell you what for!

Update: make that 6 hours and counting

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Too tired to care. That's definitely it.

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This post goes without a title. No. Scratch that. My work is done.

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Not to bypass where I got the link, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has interviewed the CEO of GarageBand.com about podcasting and the new media. Follow the link to follow the link to read the article at Tech Central Station.

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Date with an assassin

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The podcast below is my first recorded interview. It’s less than 30 seconds, but you take what you can get when talking to a hired gun. That’s right, I was just testing out the microphone and asking a few ‘harmless’ questions but it turns out I was talking to a ruthless killer. Name? Marcia. Quote:

That’s one interview you never want to hear.

Yes it is Marcia. Yes, it is.

Podcast-marcia.mp3 (260kb)

In other news, a Swedish library is introducing ‘living loans’. You can borrow a journalist, animal rights activist, imam, Dane (Copenhagen rather than canine variety), homosexual, Muslim woman or Roma (Gypsy). It’s your bias of choice on loan for 45 minutes. Overcome that prejudice through contact. This is a brilliant idea! It could backfire, but there’s no harm in trying. I particularly like the opening par.

A Swedish library has a adopted a novel approach…

hyuk, hyuk!

1,000 cheap iBooks (Mac laptops) were sold off in Henrico County, Virginia. Unfortunately, at least 5,000 people showed up to buy them and a stampede ensued.

In the crush, people were trampled on, a chair was thrown, an elderly man was pushed to the ground, a baby’s buggy was crushed and one desperate buyer tried to drive his car through the crowd.

That reminded me of the recent War of the Worlds flick with scientology boy. You know what scared me to death in that movie? When the crowd of people start fighting over, and killing for, the van they are trying to drive to the barge. $50 sure is cheap for an iBook, even a four-year-old used one, but is it worth forgetting every aspect of acceptable social behaviour you’ve been taught?

No is the answer, if the to-kill-or-not-to-kill-for-iBook decision was proving a little too difficult for you.

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'Tame' them

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In the paper today – Thais try soccer to ‘tame’ Muslim youths.

The plan is to install over 500 TVs and show every English Premier League game in community tea and coffee shops

…and they’ll have no time to think of violence and causing trouble.

Rather than being ‘ “brainwashed” by religous teachers’, instead we’ll dull their minds with incessant trivial sport. And I’m sure no community tea and coffee shop owners will at any point try to change the channel, turn the TV off or take it home.

On a side note, I’m considering moving to the south of Thailand to watch non-stop EPL action, not quite on a par with the quality of play you can see in this post’s pic.

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Good night

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Ever wanted to listen to someone brush their teeth? Me too! Not really, but tonight you can. Avoid the last 25 seconds or so if you’re a sympathetic gagger – that’s when I go for the tongue clean.


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Spam Blogging

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I love these spam blogs, whose entire purpose is to advertise useless products in a humorous way. Take this one for example – Loss some weight online. Everything about how to loss some weith online. Cool, I’m in! I come across them fairly often using blogger’s “Next Blog” button (top right). That button takes you to recently published blogs. Last year when I was messing with my template quite a lot, and republishing often, I managed to get a lot of “Next Blog” traffic. I’m assuming these spam blogs work on the same principle, which is why I run into them so often.

UPDATE: When continuing “Next Blog”ging from this example, no fewer than five in a row were spam blogs.

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It’s over a week old, but since I only just listened to this podcast by Steve Robinson from the Discovery space shuttle, I thought I’d share it with you. Not sure if it qualifies as a podcast, seeing as it’s not a regularly updated podcast from outer space, but merely a single mp3 file of a dude talking in space. Anyway, that’s cool enough say I.

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Podcasts pick up

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I mentioned a while ago that ABC’s Radio National (Australia) was offering podcasts. I listen to The Law Report, The Media Report, and having just seen Correspondents’ Report is now offered, I’ll be listening to that too! National Public Radio (NPR) in the US has also introduced podcasting, with On the Media being another good listen.

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Who said test match cricket isn’t exciting? With Australia playing for the draw, England needed one wicket to win the Third Test of the 2005 Ashes series. After a brilliant 156 from man-of-the-match Ricky Ponting, Lee and McGrath kept Australia’s final wicket intact, giving them both the result they wanted and the psychological edge going into the next match.

The crowd was seething, screaming, cheering like mad Englishmen in the sun for the entire day’s play. Now they’re walking out of Old Trafford not just disconsolate, but dead silent. They shouldn’t lose confidence in their players. England deserved to win but, as when going loopy over Tim Henman’s chances, their fans should be wise enough by now to never celebrate too early. Disappointment hurts. At least Australia spared their hearts by not pulling it out and winning it at the end, still a possibility when 80+ runs were needed off 76 balls and Warne was at the crease.

The Ashes remains tied at 1-1.

Read the real news here.

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Check it

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Some things of interest – stolen from around about the big bad web

Australia has a long day ahead of them in the cricket if they’re going to draw this test. As I write this it’s 4/175 with Ponting and Gilchrist frightened and unsure at the crease. England with their tail’s up, and at least 53 overs left in the day.

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Since I just posted this comment on LostRemote, I thought I’d put it here too. The question was asked whether people would really bother frequently updating podcasts onto their portable devices.

It’s not like you’ll go back to your computer every 3 hours and plug in your iPod – or other audio device. I think it’s all becoming a little too iPod centric and, frankly, it’s losing its ‘cool’. I digress – to get the latest podcast. You may listen every three hours on your computer, but if you have to come back to your computer all the time, the portable device is really not doing what you want. It’s possible that you would do this too. CNN now has an hourly podcast update of the most recent news that runs just under two minutes per ‘cast’.

Anyway, the point I was going to make was this. The only problem with syncing every day or every few hours, particularly with an ipod or other players with built-in batteries, is the overall degradation of battery life. Hack, a daily radio current affairs show in Australia, did a few shows on iPods, which I then listened to on my iPod. Basically the premise being that while Apple may claim an 8hr battery life (depending on iPod), that life can over time be shortened in a few ways:

  • not charging to a full charge
  • charging when not needed (ie-not a drained battery)
  • use of the equaliser settings in iTunes
  • using higher volume levels and, of course
  • extensive use of the backlight

iPods come with a Firewire cable and a USB cable. When plugged into your computer, you can transfer music using either – where Firewire is much faster – but can only charge using the USB cable. I have an iPod mini, which doesn’t come with the firewire cable, but USB only. Thus, anytime I want to update podcasts or change music on my iPod mini I must at the same time be charging the battery. As a result I don’t update my iPod unless it’s charging, it’s not charging unless it’s flat, and that’s only every few days. Otherwise, using the firewire cable, I’d definitely update it with daily podcasts. I still do subscribe to daily podcasts, I just don’t like to have to sit at my desk to listen to them.

But you can if you like. This post also in podcast form.

Podcast-ipods.mp3 (1.2mb)

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Lucky girls

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To help poor Iraqis avoid the high cost of marriage a local charity in Baghdad sponsored a mass Shia wedding. The charity? Martyrs’ Association for Humanitarian Services. Top quote?

The former unjust regime tried to break apart society and the family by killing the men, scattering the boys and allowing women to leave the house.

Hussein al-Shami, MAHS leader

overdose of paxilFor shame! Good thing they’ve married nice devout lads, they shall never have need to leave the house again. You got that didn’t you boys? We just gave you $600, you’re devout now. Don’t make our martyrs pay you a visit, it’s not pretty. Also, “security around the mosque was tight … for fear of suicide attackers”. Perhaps the charity was a little worried some of their own members might turn up.


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I’ve just started reading a book about G.E. Morrison who, at the age of 20 and as a correspondent for The Age, was about to embark on an expedition to expose ‘blackbirding’ (the slave trade) in Queensland. He wrote to his mother in 1882:

Only as a newspaper correspondent can I expect to distinguish myself above the common herd … It is the noblest, in my opinion, of all the professions and as energy, courage, temperance and truthfulness are necessary to its success, to this fact must be ascribed the high positions occupied by journalists all over the world … I go to Queensland to commence the apprenticeship of a profession in which I earnestly hope some day to make my mark.

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bring it on

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A new semester begins. Another attempt to break the habits of procrastination, avoidance and general educational malfeasance. The semester actually began two weeks ago, but now my first news story is due in two days. A petrol sniffing inquest in the Northern Territory looks interesting, but it wouldn’t be my story. Anyway, je vais me coucher, donc je dois vous dire au revoir. Au revoir.

Hm, photo… Don’t remember if I mentioned this, but thinking of news to come up with reminded me of this at university last semester. The pictures should tell you enough without me going into too much detail. This was outside the entrance to the main library where, as you can guess, copious number of students congregate, pass by, enter and exit the building. I didn’t end up writing the story, just took the photos and the contact details of the masonry company trying to kill us all. At least I know who to sue if breathing becomes difficult.

eh-heh! eh-heh! I think I got the black lung Pop.

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