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Dusk in Basswood Reserve
I have no clue what is generally given as a sentence for arson, but those handed down in Nis, Serbia, for the ‘burning of mosques’ in March last year seem particularly light. They were prison terms of five months for one defendant and three months for seven others. Like the majority of Serbia failing to see a problem with men wanted for attempted genocide being upheld as heroes for the most part, sentences like this probably don’t go a long way to reducing the likelihood of continuing religious and ethnic animosity.


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Frozen vines in Iowa
I was running late to a lecture today, the first of the semester for this particular subject, so parked illegally to get there on time. I figured I’d take my chances, hoping this introductory lecture would be short. I should have just taken the course outline and skedaddled.

The lecture went for one hour, so I was out at around 11:03, back at my car at 11:05, to see I’d been ticketed at 10:55 to the tune of $50. It was no consolation to notice the ute in front of me had suffered the same fate. Stink.

So a soothing photo, to calm the nerves.

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Can't be bothered

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There’s no business like show business, and I can’t be bothered wasting my time with a post. So another picture it is.

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Here’s a tip. When you’re going to burn stuff to a CD, save it to your hard drive first. If you’ve just been putting it in the as-yet-unburnt CD and the computer then rejects and spits it out when you hit “burn”, say goodbye to 56 pics, PowerPoint presentation of said pics, and QuickTime movie of aforementioned pics. Bad word. Lesson learnt.

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Military Deaths

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It was asked what the count is for military deathsin Iraq.

  • US – 1,766
  • Britain – 92
  • Other coalition countries – 94
  • Iraqi – between 4,895 and 6,370 (estimates for military under Saddam)

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A new study reveals 25,000 civilians have “died violently” in Iraq since the US invasion. There was a report a while ago that said up to 100,000 civilians had died… or not. Perhaps I’m remembering that incorrectly, but I didn’t think so. Anyway, the 25,000 number would also be seen by some as conservative, was the point I was going to make. It’s not hard to imagine, given that an average of 800 Iraqis, civilians and police, die every month in suicide bombings, according to something I read yesterday.

To cast or not to cast

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I’ve only done a few, but I’ve been a little obsessed with the podcasting of late… It’s time consuming doing editing. I guess that’s why you should do just a short commentary… anyway, I think I need to make a choice. If it’s too time-consuming, just do podcasts, or just do regular blogging?

I know, add VIDEO!

Surfing sand dunes 18 months ago. 1.2mb for 8 seconds of video enjoyment…

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News briefs

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Massacre horror at Kenyan school – 56 confirmed dead, 22 of them schoolchildren. Feuding ethnic groups have left dozens dead already this year. Why does it make the news now? Because 56 died at one time, and a lot of them were children. That’s the only reason it’s newsworthy, and that makes me angry.

Children die in Baghdad car bomb – 26 Iraqis, almost all of them children, killed as “a car drove up to a US army vehicle and blew up as troops gave sweets to the children”. What are going to be Iraqi civilian responses? More anger at US troops – they’re the reason their children died. And so it makes me angry that extremists target children with that outcome in mind. I can see why US soldiers might get a little trigger happy after incidents like this.

Bomb suspect’s family ‘shattered’ – One of the four suspected bombers was actually born in England, and all of them lived in Leeds. How does an aggressive immigration policy have any impact then?

Not a fun post, this one.

Director of London’s Al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies Hani Sibai – There are No “Civilians” in Islamic Law;The Bombing is a Great Victory for Al-Qa’ida, Which “Rubbed the Noses of the World’s 8 Most Powerful Countries in the Mud”.

I don’t want to say much, but you’ll get my general sentiments by asking this, do they really disagree? When it condemns these attacks, is the Muslim community just paying lip service, or do they really disagree? Surely if they did someone would have said something before an 18 and 22-year-old found themselves the participants in a bomb attack in central London. I’ll shut up now, but if you’re interested, read today’s post from Bren.

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Car problems and a piano

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This podcast was mostly recorded at my old school, outside Ross Roy, the family home of the landowners, built back in 1897. That’s a photo I took today, and this is my podcast. Enjoy. (Here is a smaller file of the podcast, half the size, half the quality)

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Listen to me!

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I went and picked up my replacement MP3 player, and made another podcast. This one’s a bit rambly, but it was 3am… take care mes amis.

I think any more podcasts will try to be shorter, unless of course I’m doing something with interviews. You know, real radio. Anyway, have to run.

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A few things

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What This guy saw would lead us to believe the bomb in London that blew up on the bus was a suicide bomber.

Cheng Yonglin
, the Chinese diplomat who has been in hiding since May, has finally been granted asylum in Australia along with his wife and daughter.

Radovan Karadzic, for those who don’t know, was the Bosnian Serb leader during the Yugoslav conflict and is wanted by the war crimes tribunal in the Hague to face trial over the Srebrenica massacre in 1995, amongst other things. All of that was just a roundabout way to lead you to this – his son was arrested. That was a bit anticlimactic.

And finally, in Darwin a guy gets arrested while trying to make off with a fibreglass shark.

Oh yes, and I left one whinge out of my last post. I left my optical mouse at the coast (Kate’s parent’s) today, which severely slows down computer operation.

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For some reason the microphone on my computer is stuffed, so there’s no podcast for you. A loud fuzz is not cool; I can only faintly hear myself if I speak loudly directly into the microphone. Instead, I will only be able to give you one round of audio pleasure this evening. Pleasure, pain, what’s the difference really?

I’ve just been playing with GarageBand on the Mac, and the track I’ve come up with I called organgrinder. I don’t particularly like it’s final, overall sound, but bits of it are okay. Let me point out, as your ears are assaulted, that I am entirely musically inept. All the music comes from preset sound loops in GarageBand that I’ve just forced together. In the hands of an experienced user, perhaps you could even make something bearable.

Things I would have tried not to bitch about in my podcast, but probably would have:

  • The fact that my back is screwed, but I’m going to work to lift boxes till 1am anyway
  • I then am getting up for a meeting at 8.30am
  • My car’s exhaust pipe finally busted a nut. Now it is exceptionally loud, and that needs to be dealt with in the morning
  • Immediately following tomorrow afternoon’s soccer game I’m going to lift more boxes for three hours
  • I have to be at university from 8.45am Sunday until 5pm for a coaches training day so I can earn $40 a week telling little kiddies to run around after school
  • Straight from there it’s back to church to run the international service…
  • And a major city getting attacked is headline news world over, everyone is devastated, but who gives a rat’s arse about the hundreds and hundreds of Iraqi’s who have died (for example) as a result of suicide bombings? Certainly the G8 leaders aren’t standing shoulder to shoulder to condemn every one of those attacks.

But what can you expect? If I supposedly care so much and it comes last on my list of things I would have ranted about in a podcast, then it’s probably not registering anywhere else in general society. Alright, I have to go to work. Maybe I can leave you with a picture for your troubles.

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I was on my way down the coast when my sister, who thankfully DOESN’T live and work in London now, called to ask if I was watching television. Having lived in London for 5 years, she still has a lot of friends there, one of whom works in Liverpool Street, where one of the blasts was. Thankfully, also none of them were injured. So I don’t know what can be added. There are no news links I need to put in here, there will be nothing you haven’t already seen.

Podcast coming up shortly…

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Gerrard returns to Liverpool?

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It’s a little strange, and I hope it can be believed, but I’ll just put the order of stories here.

The first is from BBC Sport, and the time of the other stories are relative to this first one

The Daily Mail are on their toes, and have since changed that link to a story about Gerrard staying and they also have the full text of Liverpool chairman Rick Parry’s statement about Gerrard.

It would be hard to describe how important Gerrard is to any title aspirations Liverpool have. It’s fantastic news if he really is staying with the club now.

As for me, the third and deciding State of Origin is on tonight, starting immediately. Goodbye!

Update: Queensland go down like a French rifle, losing 32-10, while London get the 2012 Olympics over Paris. I’d look outside to check, but I’m pretty sure the sky is falling, and I don’t want it landing on my head.

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