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Ah yes, I think I’m going to make the full switch to gmail… I’ve not been using my gmail account much, but their new rollout is simply too good to ignore. Plans for 2gB-plus of space, but the kicker for me is free POP access and email forwarding… Sweet. Well, it’s 2.15am, I have to be up relatively early and have a soccer game in the afternoon, so adios for now folks.

What the…?

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Now, this blog has never been a high traffic generator, and much less so recently. The reason is likely to be the fact I haven’t really been attending to it in recent months, posting relatively infrequently. It may also be a result of spending much less time reading and commenting on other blogs, which invariably attracts a few clicks. That said, the last couple of months have seen days of 1 to 5 visitors. What am I going on about? Well I noticed I had a few visitors yesterday, so went to look at my stats and saw 38 visitors on March 10. What the hell happened March 10? I posted about ordering a DVD and the SBS ticker. No excitement there.

It’s also always interesting to see what searches led people here…

imam mahdi signs of his comming
“giant boy”
“There’s plenty more where this came from if you”

and….no, i won’t include that one…


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Did I mention my iBook is sweet? Sweet, sweet, sweetness. And now, given my newly acquired time-waster, I can wear with pride the shirt given me by Chuck. Actually, I’m a little hesitant to wear it out. Kate has said she’s okay with me wearing it in public but, just between you and me, I’m not so sure she/I wouldn’t be embarrassed. My dad on the other hand, a look of confusion, a shake of the head. Man of many words. Ha, I can talk. Anyway, this is me in what I will venture to claim is the first ever t-shirt. … If I can find my camera’s USB cord amongst the crap covering my desk. Ah, there she be. And we are away.

Image hosted by

Who’s that handsome devil? Oh, it’s me.

Update: it says, in case you can’t read it,

I call my computer baby,
cause I’m the Mac Daddy

The Word II

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In my last post on the word, I was talking about my iBook, and later found the time in my busy schedule to include Jesus… Anyway, I alluded to another word. That other word was iPod, which came with my iBook. For a sweet student deal I purchased them together for only $34 more than the retail price of the iBook. I’m not unhappy with that. The iPod (20gB) was a gift for Kate, by the way. She’s happy with it.

In an update on JPII, he’s suffered heart failure. I know the hordes aren’t coming here for late-breaking news, news that I myself am getting off the internet, but I present it nonetheless. Do with it what you will.


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This is how much I know about Catholic ritual. I read the headline Pope ‘receives last rites’ and thought he was dead. I guess it’s hard to administer last rites to somebody who has already kicked it. Not long though. Interesting that the story mentions the Catholic church’s severe condemnation of the the removal of Terry Schiavo’s food and water, and suggests an interesting scenario where an essentially comatose pope, and who ‘leads’ the Catholic church in the meantime…. Anyway. Really liking my iBook.

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