I object!

I was going to post something. Then commented and forgot what it was. Is this post a waste of your time then? Most likely. But I tell you, that other post would have put me on the map, my name in lights, my blog on the Blogs of Note. If only I could remember it.

Elementary, Watson

Ohhhhhh. THAT’S why I have insomnia! Because I work halfway to daylight and am lucky to sleep at all every Friday night… Hellooooo 5am.

Kate recently got a job as a support worker with some mentally disabled women and did the sleepover shift last night. She finishes at 6am and I think I’ll take her out for breakfast. The Pancake Manor is open 24 hours and sounds good. Well…sounds good to me. Perhaps the lady would like something a little more refined.

An aside

I have lots to do and not much to say, so I’ll let Kate do the talking. And besides, I’m also too narcissitic for my own good. This was left under my windscreen wiper at work the other night.

D evastatingly Handsome

A mazingly compassionate

V ery Intelligent

I mpeccable taste (in girls!)

D ependable

She said some other things too, but damn I’m good. ;-)

Update on Milosevic

Slobodan Milosevic’s trial at the International Criminal Court of Justic in The Hague continues indefinitely, but with a quote worth mentioning today.

In a story from B92 News (Serbian) Milosevic has said war crimes were committed by Serb forces in Kosovo. This is a fairly significant statement. That he would say it at all is surprising. Unfortunately I think he will still maintain they were isolated incidents and he holds no personal responsibility for the genocide taking place in Kosovo in 1999.