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I give you my first post from my new 12″ iBook. Now, I go play.

Bolton and the UN

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While doing some readings about the development and subsequent failure of the League of Nations for my course on international organisation I’ve had an idea as to what the US might be trying to do with appointing Bolton to the UN.

…the League could not fulfill in the international sphere the same tasks which the state performed in the national community.
…the existence of a political central authority standing above individual states had seemed incompatible. Such an authority was still nonexistent.

Transfer that to the UN; the US seeks legitimacy through the UN because they want to lead the world legitimately. Not just be the sole superpower, but actually legitimate the UN to the point where it is the world authority and under their control, and thus they control the world… Conspiracy theories abound. Back to work, rats.


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Whew. Just got home from the Brisbane REM concert. It was awesome. He did a six or seven song encore where he got some old classics in, but the majority of the concert was from their new album. Anyway, I’m going to bed now.


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Easter weekend is upon us. Not that I post much anymore anyway, but I’ll be gone all weekend on a ‘mission’ to Murgon. Don’t worry, I don’t know where it is either. Where we’re going, Bjelke-Petersen Dam, is apparently a popular camping spot for Easter weekend, usually attracting around 1,000 campers.

So we’re running a kid’s program Friday to Monday. First thoughts for naming the mission, apart from Murgon Mission or something equally original, was Dam Kids. Funny, but we decided best not to give it a name, just do it.

See you all next week. Don’t forget what Easter’s about. Friday, Sunday, rock on.

Word up

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The word is out! What’s the word? I have ordered an iBook online. 10% student discount, plus a sweet deal, meant I couldn’t say no. Well, I could have. I chose to say yes. I guess that means the word that’s out is iBook.

There’s another word, but it’s not out yet.

And since I’m feeling:

a) particularly materialistic and possession-oriented, and
b) even more convicted for first writing, “the word is iBook”,

I just feel this needs to be added.

The word is Jesus. Get that? Jesus. The Word. The Truth. The Life. Yes, my dumb ass needs reminding, so yours can be too.

Ah yes, and this was the post that was supposed to change the world that I had forgotten earlier. It sounded better in my head.

I object!

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I was going to post something. Then commented and forgot what it was. Is this post a waste of your time then? Most likely. But I tell you, that other post would have put me on the map, my name in lights, my blog on the Blogs of Note. If only I could remember it.

Elementary, Watson

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Ohhhhhh. THAT’S why I have insomnia! Because I work halfway to daylight and am lucky to sleep at all every Friday night… Hellooooo 5am.

Kate recently got a job as a support worker with some mentally disabled women and did the sleepover shift last night. She finishes at 6am and I think I’ll take her out for breakfast. The Pancake Manor is open 24 hours and sounds good. Well…sounds good to me. Perhaps the lady would like something a little more refined.

An aside

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I have lots to do and not much to say, so I’ll let Kate do the talking. And besides, I’m also too narcissitic for my own good. This was left under my windscreen wiper at work the other night.

D evastatingly Handsome

A mazingly compassionate

V ery Intelligent

I mpeccable taste (in girls!)

D ependable

She said some other things too, but damn I’m good. ;-)


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This unnatural aversion to sleep is going to catch up with me some day. Some day soon.

Update on Milosevic

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Slobodan Milosevic’s trial at the International Criminal Court of Justic in The Hague continues indefinitely, but with a quote worth mentioning today.

In a story from B92 News (Serbian) Milosevic has said war crimes were committed by Serb forces in Kosovo. This is a fairly significant statement. That he would say it at all is surprising. Unfortunately I think he will still maintain they were isolated incidents and he holds no personal responsibility for the genocide taking place in Kosovo in 1999.

Fat for iPod

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A certain popular drinks manufacturer is running a promotional campaign to give away iPod mini’s. And not just give them away, but give one away every 30 minutes. Every 30 minutes for SIX WEEKS. As it says on the label, a total of 2017 winners.

My first reaction?

How could I not win one? So many!

How do you win? Each drink label has a unique code on the back that you send in a text message. All texts received in that half hour have a chance to win, the winner is return texted, and the fun process begins for another half hour. The brilliance of their marketing is that the competition doesn’t even open for another six weeks, but the labelled drinks are already selling.

My second reaction?

If I store up codes now, text message them all in one late-night hit to maximise my returns when those other poor suckers are sleeping, and how can I fail? I MUST WIN AN iPOD MINI!!

Brilliant, I know. So I already have seven labels. Problem is, I also have one forlorn drink sitting naked, stripped of it’s label, but still unopened because I couldn’t bring myself to drink it. Six weeks is a long time.

Hot air

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It would be nice if this piece by Tony Blair in The Guardian meant something was actually going to get better in Africa, and I sincerely hope it does, but I’m not holding my breath. This excerpt I particularly liked.

The lesson of the past few years is that we can’t, for our national interests, ignore other countries and continents. Famine and instability thousands of miles away lead to conflict, despair, mass migration and fanaticism that can affect us all. So for reasons of self-interest as well as morality, we can no longer turn our back on Africa.

Or anywhere else. This is why I think everyone needs to know what’s going on in ‘darkest Africa’ and other far-flung reaches of the globe; the small conflicts, ingored famines, increasing reach of HIV-AIDS – it all adds up to affecting the rest of the world and, yes, even us in our armchair-bound ignorant bliss. And those ‘far-flung reaches’ are not so to the people who live there. To them it’s home.

Welcome to Australia

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I’ve been receiving endless requests.  What do the bathrooms in Australia look like?  It seems the international fans of this blog are never satisfied.  I pour my life and soul into this, and what do I get in return?  Paltry requests for pictorial evidence of the misconceived “Australian” bathroom.  As if there’s something special to behold, something significant and purely Australian.  Well, you can’t get much more Australian than this: the public toilets at Circular Quay in Sydney.  Feast your eyes on the glass, tile and porcelain mundanity that is public bathrooms.  After inner turmoil has been relieved in these sumptuous surrounds however, step outside and look at the Opera House a hundred metres to your right and the Harbour Bridge across the water in front of you.  I hope you’re satisfied.

While you were out…

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I got this text message while at an engagement party tonight:

A v lge spider ran in2 yr rm 2 get away frm the cat. I cld not find it 2 kill it. U may want 2 chk b4 u go 2 sleep.

Now I’m home and not particularly enjoying the suspense that is wondering where yet another homnivorous arachnid may be lurking. Useless cat.


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If you try clicking on the story links from my SBS World News ticker (thanks SBS) and can’t get a link… don’t worry, neither can I. At the moment I’m not really sure what the problem is with blogger, since I can do it on my geocities page. Also had to briefly remove my blogroll since it was somehow stopping my page from loading.

Must. study. tonight.

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