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I had a recurring dream about spiders when I was younger. It didn’t come from watching the movie Arachnophobia, although that probably didn’t help when I finally did see it. What happened was this: everything solid other than the ground was no longer formed from wood, concrete, steel or plastic but rather large, hairy tarantulas. For a brief instant everything would, despite now being formed of spiders, retain its original shape – the chair I was sitting in, the ceiling above me, the floor below me. And then gravity took hold. Myself and a black avalanche would freefall in slow motion before all crashing to the ground below. Spiders everywhere, everything.

1. An abnormal fear of spiders.
2. Pathological fear or loathing of spiders

It’s not that I drop and scream like a girl if there’s a spider above me. Or backpedal at the speed of light if they’re anywhere near me. No, it’s only when they’re big, fast and likely to HURT me that I have these perfectly reasonable reactions. As I write this I’m watching a Huntsman (pic) as big as my hand roam around the end of my bed, where he’s travelled since popping up on the wall in front of my face, meaning he came from the space below the desk where my bare feet were resting. Granted they’re more legs than body, but it is disconcerting to know they move faster than I can backpedal. When you see a spider in the shadows and notice its eyes gleaming cat-like in the darkness, you know you’re in trouble. You think I’m putting my body in that bed before I know he’s dead? Hell no.

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