Welcome to Planet America

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This is a contributing factor to why the majority of the world riles at American ego. Bush is talking about Kerry’s call for summits with world leaders to make the world a safer place. He says Kerry’s policies are “dangerous for world peace.

A summit won’t solve the problem. Strong, consistent leadership is what this world needs.”

Did you get that? Not what America needs. What this world needs (Team America pretty much on the money). And there you have the problem, which people refuse to recognise. It’s not president of the United States that will be decided on November 9. It’s President of the World. But only if Bush’s cronies get voted back in. If they do, I vote for a coup where Powell assumes leadership of the country. Interesting though, that page includes a link to a speech by Powell at George Washington University, in which he said,

“We do not see the war against terrorism and the nurturing of constructive relationships among the major powers as competing tasks. We conduct the war on terrorism with an eye turned toward great power cooperation. And we seek enhanced great power cooperation with an eye turned toward success in the war on terrorism.”

Seems he would make a good addition to Kerry’s cabinet. Any cabinet.

Corrupting Power

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Dick Cheney, in a story titled Impact from the Shadows, is:

  • arguably the most powerful vice president in US history
  • When he chooses to insert himself into the process, he is a powerful force for resolving problems — or an unmovable roadblock that thwarts the agenda of others, especially Powell
  • “He has become the national security adviser…he has co-opted the leadership and policy-shaping role that the national security adviser [Condoleeza Rice] or secretary of state [Colin Powell] usually has.”

Bush, would you please get rid of these psychos and listen to Powell? Looking forward to the vice-presidential debate between Cheney and Edwards.

A lie is a terrible thing to waste

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Rumsfeld, when asked to explain the connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda said, “To my knowledge, I have not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two.” He later said he was misunderstood, citing the fact that since 2002 he has acknowledged those ties. Ah, alzheimers. Makes it hard to keep those lies straight.

Terror and the UN

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The UN is employing Hamas terrorists. Peter Hansen, the director of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said,

“I don’t see that as a crime.” Hamas, he says, “is a political organization . . . and we do not do political vetting.”

Do they have candidates standing for the seat of West Bank? Were they voted in to represent the Palestinian people? Not a great deal of (legitimate) political organisations I know of who launch missiles at ‘innocent’ people and find ways to justify it. Hang about. No. No, I take that back. There are a few. Okay, many.

Robot bloggers

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This is crazy. Computer generated blogging. I am learn has some language problems which make it hard to follow, if not slightly amusing. R.Robot on the other hand is quite lucid, almost frighteningly so, even if the points or arguments aren’t accurate. Found through MetaFilter

UPDATE: Iraqi School year

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The new school year started in Iraq on Saturday.

The New York Post toes the official line and says 80% of children “flock” to school.

Islam Online more accurately reports an unprecedented low turnout. However, they conveniently use quotes by an Iraqi mother to: blame it on fear of the presence of US forces, not insurgents; fear of US gunfire, not insurgents and; point out they are resistance fighters,not terrorists or insurgents.

People’s Daily Online has some back-to-school photos and a related story about a girl’s high school.


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Since I’m wasting some time and I’d planned on posting this, I’ll do it now. I’m reading Pilgrim’s Progess and I liked this excerpt. Apologies for the old English.

A conversation has just taken place between three men. Says Christian to Faithful, who has just rebuked Talkative as one “whose religion lies in talk”:

You did well, to talk so plainly to him as you did; there is but little of this faithful dealing with men nowadays, and that makes religion to stink so in the nostrils of so many, as it doth; for they are these talkative fools whose religion is only in word, and are debauched and vain in their conversation, that (being so much admitted into the fellowship of the godly) do puzzle the world, blemish Christianity, and grieve the sincere. I wish that all men would deal with such as you have done: then should they either be made more conformable to religion, or the company of saints would be too hot for them.


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I’m taking a not-so-well-deserved break from my all-night session – writing an assignment that’s already 10 days overdue to post something I came across. John C. Merrill, doyen of journalism and media academia, writes in Twilight of Press Freedom: The Rise of People’s Journalism:

Communitarianism is a power concept that must be taken seriously. In America it is invading social consciousness on the coattail of a loss of media credibility, offering to replace an ever-growing media libertinism and arrogance.

A big problem in the new century will be the control of the mushrooming Internet and the new “people’s journalism,” but this can and will be done in concert with the new spirit of community solidarity. So it would appear that the 21st century will be one of a more orderly and disciplined press, dedicated to social harmony and operating as a thermostat to keep the communal temperature at a comfortable level. It will be a century, as well, that views press freedom somewhat nostalgically – a glorious idea that came and went.

So, we should all work together to build a ‘better’ society by putting aside our own interests. Social responsibility versus individual freedom… Will you allow your voice to be ‘controlled’ for the greater good?

School’s in

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It’s Saturday, 7.00 am in Baghdad. 5 million kids all over Iraq will hopefully be safe when going back to school today. Think of them.

Azhar al-Azzawi says her two nephews, aged 8 and 11, are very excited about going back to school and seeing their friends again.

“Their father doesn’t want to disappoint them and will send them to school as planned but he will spend the entire day waiting in his car in front of the school,” she said.

IHT unsure if it’s today or two weeks away, but first article would indicate it is definitely today.

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Gratuitous baby pic should lighten the room a little

First Debate

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Just a few things I noticed.

BUSH: A free Iraq will be an ally in the war on terror, will help secure Israel and will enforce the hopes and aspirations of the reformers in places like Iran.

It exhibits a fair degree of arrogance to assume securing Israel would ever be in the plans of any Iraqi. I can only assume he means Iraq will do as they’re told.

Colin Powell has suggested anything is possible in how to deal with Iran, and Greg Sheridan said it will be the biggest issue next year. Is Bush suggesting the use of Iraqi troops in Iran’s enforcement agenda?

Very even debate, but I’d have to give it to Kerry in the end. I think he’s presenting a vision of how to win not only militarily against ‘terror’, but ideologically against the dislike of America worldwide. Bush seems to simply be repeating the ‘fear’ argument while offering no alternatives or solution to that fear.

Have a read at Instapundit if you want better commentary.

Good quality video (RealPlayer) at WashingtonPost.com, as well as a full transcript.

Fox News lets you choose MediaPlayer or RealPlayer and speed (56K/300K)

Second Debate

UPDATE: Beslan – revenge beckons

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I posted earlier about the Beslan school and the possible inflammation of local ethnic tensions between Ingush and Ossetian. Ruslan Aushev was president of Ingushetia from 1993 to 2001, and the Kremlin sent him to negotiate with the hostage-takers. He’s saying revenge could ignite regional violence “as soon as the [traditional mourning period of] 40 days pass.

“Those who are doing this either do not understand what they are doing or are doing this on purpose to set the south of Russia, and maybe the North Caucasus and the entire Caucasus on fire”

Speechless – to a point.

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Car Bombs Kill 34 Children in Baghdad

Insurgents wouldn’t be stupid enough to attack Iraqi children, I thought . What can you say, or do? 34 kids…

The Baghdad blasts coincided with crowds gathering to celebrate the opening of a new sewage plant. It was not clear if the event or a U.S. convoy passing nearby was the target.

The first explosion was followed by two more that struck those who rushed to the aid of the initial victims.

41 dead, 139 wounded, including 10 US soldiers… Timed to influence tonight’s presidential debate?

Want to help some schools in Iraq? Iraqischools.com

My earlier post said schools were teaching about religions other than Islam. This story suggests schools are now only teaching Islam. Seeems unlikely the story is representative of all schools, but worrying if it’s a spreading trend.

Why worrying? This is something I’ve had for a few days, not sure how to introduce it, or what to say about it. It’s an ‘academic’ article posted on the wa-muslim-news forum, in relation to the Beslan school killings…

With respect to the question of the legitimacy of targeting a school in Islam … Jihaad is not restricted by time or place.

…they [the Russians] are Kuffar and the Kuffar by default are mujrim (criminals)…

As Muslims, we must always be wary of what news the Kuffar (non-Muslims) bring us. We are not allowed to doubt Muslims, but we are obliged to doubt the Kuffar.

But while these brave fighters are well within their ‘rights’ to take non-Muslim criminals hostage at “a school or a hospital or a place of worship … because the Jihaad is not restricted by place” – truth be told, they didn’t kill anyone.

Indeed, they [the Russians] were the ones who opened fire and started the assault on the academy and killed their own people including women and children.

I can only hope this is a fundamentalist viewpoint not shared by moderate Muslims…

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